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Weekend Hodgepodge

It’s the last weekend of the month, so as I like to do I give you the past month of Facebook pictures that I have created.  Some of these have been corrected from the original facebook postings.  The corrections consist only of a pair of typos and one quote misattributed to Thomas Jefferson.









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Human nature demands the right to keep and bear arms

Have you ever heard those anti gun people say: “Why would I need a gun, it’s safe where i live?”  Well, let’s put aside the 2nd’s inherent stance against tyranny for a moment and focus on the “safety” these people enjoy.  

The next time you hear something along the “it’s safe where I live” jive, ask them if they lock their doors at night.  Ask them also if they leave the keys to their car in the ignition when they are out and about.  I mean, if its such a safe area that they live in and people are so good, why wouldn’t they be able to leave the key in the ignition all the time.  Why do they feel the need to lock the door when they leave the house?

The why is simple, even if they want to bury their heads in the sand and ignore it;  it is the nature of human beings.  There are two ways to look at human nature, illustrated by a pair of philosophers from the 17th and 18th centuries, Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacque Rousseau.

Hobbes contends that we, as people, by nature are rooted in self interest.  That at the core we will do what is best for us, even altruism can be explained by the fact that we derive a sense of self worth from being charitable.  Now, while most people do not feel it is in their best interest to chance the possibility of failure in crime, there are plenty of people who do.  Furthermore, the easier you make it to get away with a crime the more likely it is to happen.

Rousseau took a slightly more naive look at things.  Rousseau believed that people are generally good when they are allowed to exist as a “natural man” (man being the contraction of human).  In this Rousseau believes that it is societies fault that crime and evil things are done. Apparently people have been bucking the blame onto society for a while now.  Rousseau says that if it wasn’t for societies negative influence we wouldn’t have crime and evil and that mankind would live in a utopia.  Unfortunately, to achieve Rousseau’s utopia we as a society would have to pretty much give up everything that makes us one.

But before I digress to much, while Hobbes and Rousseau disagree on the reasons, both agree that human nature will lead to self interest and doing what the individual feels is best for them.

This is why we need the right to keep and bear arms.  If we are denied them, then we forfeit our right to dictate the events around us.  Be they a response to a directly personal event such as a carjacking, burglary or rape.  Or to a larger scale in the defending against tyranny.  

Because, have no doubt, the part of human nature that facilitates a criminal’s belief that they can get away with it also fuels anyone with ambition, especially politicians.  If the government (run by individuals) does not fear its populace then it has no reason to restrict itself from doing whatever it wants.  While that may be fine when the government is altruistic because it wants to be, it can turn horrible very fast when it decides to be tyrannical instead.

I guess I can sum up the entirety of this article recounting a story from my youth.

When I was a child, my father had a small lock on a shed in our back yard.  Not that their was a ton of stuff worth stealing in it mind you, but it had a lock.  Not a impenetrable fortress, just a little lock that anyone who wanted to get through would only need a little bit of effort to circumvent.  I asked my father why bother putting on the little lock if it’s not going to stop a criminal.  

His response was: “To keep honest people honest”.  

My father didn’t realize it, but he spoke with the true understanding of a philosophy that people spend thousands of dollars to learn in Universities the world over.

So why do we we need the right to keep and bear arms?  To keep honest people honest…and to defend against the dishonest ones. Be they the thugs on the streets or the ones in DC.


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The absurdity of Gun Buyback programs

An idea that the gun control crowd likes to promote from time to time are so called “Gun Buy Backs“.  Basically, they take tax dollars to “buy back” guns from people, no questions asked. (Though I have heard that some places, like Long Beach NY using seized cash in order to fund the program.)

Theoretically you could be a criminal, use a gun for a series of murders and then turn it into the police for a reward.  I’ve seen these rewards range from a $50 gift certificate to $200 cash.  

Now, the gun control zealots say that this is a great way to get illegal guns off the street.  I say that only 2 kinds of people actually go to these buy back programs.  Those with useless broken rusted out pieces of gun that at one time fired bullets but is barely worth the price of its scrap in order to get more for it than its worth, and those who have inherited a gun collection worth THOUSANDS of dollars but are too ignorant to realize it.

For the former, I say good for you.  If your tax dollars are going to pay for such an idiotic program you might as well do what you can to recoup some benefit for yourself.

To the second group I implore you, do a little research, who cares if you don’t like firearms, do you like being a sucker?  A little research and a trip to a gun store could possibly net you thousands of dollars in returns which will trump a 50 dollar gift card any day.

Plus, while many of those guns bought back are junk, I have heard horror stories of beautiful antique heirlooms being given up for a pittance only to meet its end at a buzz saw and smelter.  That of course is if it actually is destroyed and doesn’t make its way into a private collection of one of the people running the program.  

But let’s think about the efficacy of these programs for a minute from a criminals mind.  You have a gun, its could be stolen, have been used in a murder, illegal to possess in general etc.  Is $50 or even $200 worth the risk of walking up to a police officer at this buy back and handing him your gun, “no questions asked”?  

And even if a criminal was willing to sell his gun to the officers, what is going to stop him from taking the $200 cash and buying a new gun?  Its like a game of Musical Guns.

Basically, the programs tenet is that ciminals with “hot” weapons will walk up and hand them in believing that they will face no consequence for that action or crime.  They are actually expecting criminals to BELIEVE IN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Yeah, I can see all the gang bangers and murderers lining up to hand in their bloody guns right now.

Like I said…absurd.

Don’t be a sucker…if you have a nice gun you don’t want, find it a nice home. The reward will be greater, I assure you. 

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Open Carry in the News: Utah, Kansas & Oklahoma

As many of you know from reading some of my earlier posts that I am an open carrier and believe that it is one of the best ways to passively dispel the scare tactics and hysteria that the gun control zealots like to stir up in the imaginations of those who are neutral to the Second Amendment.

In that, if a person who doesn’t know any better and never sees their neighbor, or some law abiding citizen out and about with a gun on their hip then they may fall for the racist and fear mongering tactics that only criminals and bad people have guns.  By open carrying in your daily lives you normalize not only the practice, but firearms in general so that when the gun control zealots want to start talking about how only criminals and maniacs have guns, that little old lady you held the door open for, or the mom holding the baby you let in front of you in the store, or the guy in the Prius who you helped fix his flat, remembers you and realizes that the Brady Campaign or Bloomberg and his illegal mayors are really just pedaling lies.

With that being said, a few Open Carry stories in the news.  Utah is considering legislation to remove the ability of police to trump up charges for open carriers such as disorderly conduct just for the legal practice of open carrying.  The bill would clarify that open carry is legal and allowed in public and no such charges can be levied upon them so long as they are not doing anything threatening.

Just because an officer doesn’t agree or like something a person is doing, does not give them the power to charge them with a crime; colloquially known as “contempt of cop”. Charging an OCer with a crime because it goes against what an officer believes would be akin to charging someone with a crime for wearing white after labor day.  In both situations, someone may not like it but its still legal to do both.

Of course in opposition to this sensible legislation is Gary Sackett, a Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah board member.  Sackett states that:

“It makes people concerned. It makes people fearful. The kind of people who think this is an appropriate thing to do are either paranoid or they want to somehow establish they’re alpha males.”

Mr. Sackett doesn’t seem to have an issue with the irony of his statement.  That he wants to protect the people that open carrying makes fearful while disparaging open carriers as being paranoid.  And when his flawed logic doesn’t work he goes with Markley’s law, stating that open carriers feel inferior and want to establish some alpha male stance.  I won’t even delve into how sexist and bigoted Mr. Sackett is to all the women who open carry in order to protect themselves.  I guess Mr. Sackett prefers women reside in a state of fear instead of living with confidence.

In Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, KS, the city council has passed an ordinance (11-1) allowing open carrying of firearms on all public spaces.  Now, while the 2nd Amendment would stipulate this as a “no duh” situation that doesn’t need an ordinance, it is better to pass pro gun ordinances than to pass gun control ordinances.

While Kansas is one of the 44 states that allow open carry, it does not protect its citizens with statewide preemption in that regard.  Therefore, local municipalities can infringe on the rights of its citizens and travelers to whatever degree they can get away with.  To see a suburb of Kansas City heading in the right direction by removing one such infringement is a good thing.

Hopefully, Kansas as a state will work on preemption so that no city or town in its states will be allowed to arbitrarily violate the civil rights of its people.

Finally, Oklahoma will be becoming an open carry state on Nov. 1st bringing the total number of states that allow some form of OC to 45. (25 states have laws for OC, 20 don’t have laws against OC) While unfortunately in OK one will still be required to have license in order to do so it is still heading in the right direction. With continued pressure, hopefully that requirement will soon be removed as well and all citizens and travelers legally allowed to own a firearm will be able to carry in Oklahoma without asking permission from the government.

After all, we don’t have to ask the governments permission to speak or to go to church…why then must we ask permission to practice our other rights?


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“Roots of Gun Control” or “Bloomberg’s a Big Fat Racist”

I posted a quote by Niccolo Machiavelli from his 1521 treatise The Art of War on the gunowners facebook page today.


Now, while most have understood the difference between a citizen and a subject, a few have missed the point and spoke out that both Rome and Sparta had slaves.  My counter to this is that those slaves weren’t Romans or Spartans.  They also weren’t armed, thus making their slavery easier to manage.  That is always the point of arms control…control.  It actually validates the quote even more so.

What happens when slaves get weapons?  You get Spartacus and his followers who fight for their freedom.  Even though they eventually were defeated and died, they died free men.  But it illustrates the point that slavery exists when only those in power have the armament to impose their wills.

Now lets fast forward a thousand years or two into the new world.  The US had slavery, eventually focused primarily in the south.  Slaves were kept disarmed because Southerners were afraid of insurrection.  They wanted to maintain power so when ideas of arming slaves and free blacks during the Revolutionary war came up, the South stood in opposition and eventually had the practice removed.  

As a side note the British didn’t have such qualms and the totals of blacks fighting for each side were 5000 for the Colonials and 20,000 for the British.

Now, we can see where the beginnings of gun control fermented in the US.  By those in power trying to keep their slaves from exerting their god giving right to be free. 

After the Civil War and the 13th Amendment, slavery no longer existed in its prior form.  What did exist was a series of roundabout ways to keep the black population from gaining the American dream.  Jim Crowe laws tend to spring to everyone’s mind first.  But I contend that gun control is the most insidiously racist of laws trying to keep black Americans (and later all colors, and eventually all poor) from their Second Amendment rights.  “Black Codes” sprung up throughout the south with its main purpose to limit civil rights amongst former slaves.  The most important civil right it looked to curtail was that of owning firearms.

The saying: “God created Men, but Sam Colt made men equal” is as true today as it was when he was making his firearms.  Only a disarmed people can be slaves.  Even if they are not in chains, even if they live in a “free” country, it does not undo the infringement of their liberty.  An infringement of the Second Amendment is an infringement on the freedom and liberty that all American’s are supposed to enjoy.

So when Michael Bloomberg talks about reducing crime and stopping violence in the inner city and all the rest; he means first and foremost you have to get guns out of the hands of black people and minorities.  Then poor white people.  Then middle class people.  Then anyone who disagrees with him.  Finally, only the government and its enforcement arm (cops, military etc) will have the power to impose its will upon the disarmed populace.

Don’t believe me?  The non-refundable cost to apply for a CCW in New York city is about $450.  How many poor people who live in a dangerous part of New York are going to roll the dice with $450 and hope that Emperor Bloomberg will privilege them with a CCW?  Bloomberg is a billionaire plantation owner with New York City as his plantation.  

Just because we’re not bound in chains, and just because we may now be of all colors, creeds and nationalities doesn’t mean that Michael Bloomberg and his gun control zealots are any less interested in making us all slaves.

After all, if we do not have the ability to defend ourselves from tyranny…can we call ourselves free?


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Regular folks at Police qualifications plus the murder of a double amputee armed with a pen by a Houston LEO

In a piece done by a fellow gun rights blogger Joe Huffman, he and some everyday average law abiding citizens recreated the LAPD firearm qualification course.  The argument from the gun control zealots is that since regular folk aren’t trained and qualified like the Police are they shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns in public.

Suffice it to say, the results weren’t very surprising.  Gun owners in general tend to have more practice with their firearms than police officers are required to with theirs so the 90% pass rate for the regular folk isn’t that surprising.  The fact that one guy did it with his left arm in a cast and that Joe increased the difficulty of the test overall and still had over 90% pass might be a little surprising.

Here’s the video of the qualifiers in action with some commentary on what they are doing and how it is structured to be more of a real life situation than what the LAPD requires.

I often think of the “only police are qualified” argument whenever I hear a story of an officer seemingly being anything but.  I think about it often.  And not only with the NYPD shooting 9 innocent people at the Empire State Building but also when there are times when the officer shouldn’t have shot at all.  A situation that, if a regular citizen were to shoot, they would be going to jail for murder.  

I’m talking specifically about the recent shooting of a double amputee by a Houston officer Matthew Marin.  Officer Marin said that his partner and he felt threatened by this man (Brian Claunch) in a wheelchair waving a pen at them.  The man was threatening to stab them with this pen.

At this point, even if you cannot see that it is a pen you should be able to tell its not a gun and if you cannot separate yourself enough from a one armed one legged man confined to a wheelchair than you shouldn’t be a police officer.  If nothing else, isn’t this what they issue tasers for?

And this isn’t second guessing a shootout or a shooting someone in a wheelchair armed with a gun.  This man was a patient at a personal care home, who, being a schizophrenic, was prone to acting out.  I question how dangerous this one armed, one legged man was that he deserved to die.

What I don’t question is that if a regular citizen were to do the same they would be going to jail, stand your ground or castle doctrine would not hold up to you shooting a ONE armed, ONE legged man in a WHEELCHAIR armed with a PEN.  

So, not only do gun owners in general practice with their weapons more than is required by police departments, gun owners are less likely to shoot relatively unarmed double amputees in wheelchairs because there are consequences to our actions.  Officer Marin on the other hand will be put on desk duty for three days.  I hope the good people of Houston demand a deeper investigation into this and call for justice for Brian Claunch.


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Weekend Hodgepodge

Am I the only one who finds NFL football on a Thursday other than Thanksgiving wrong?

I understand the NFL trying to bleed every last cent from it’s viewing public but come on.  Not to mention that a team sometimes has to play 2 games in 5 days.  For anyone who has played the sport you can understand how grueling that might be.

This year games will be played on 5 out of 7 days.  With only Tues and Fri left open.  I don’t know…just seems wrong.


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Yes Virginia, there is a Second Amendment

On this day, Sept. 21st 1897 The New York Sun wrote a timeless editorial in reply to an 8 year old girl ,named Virginia, who asked if there was a Santa Claus.  As someone who still believes in the answer that the Sun wrote over 110 years ago (yes, there is a Santa Claus), with respect I submit that yes Virginia, there is a Second Amendment despite what  your gun control zealot friends may think.

Virginia, your little friends are wrong.  They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age.  They do not believe in defending themselves except what protection they can get from the government.  They think that nothing should be allowed that is not comprehensible in their little minds.  In this great country of ours a true American is a lion at heart, as industrious as an ant, with the knowledge and intellect to see what the founding fathers envisioned for this land.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Second Amendment.  It exists as certainly as freedom and liberty exist and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy.  Alas, how dreary would this country be if there were no Second Amendment guaranteeing liberty?  It would be as dreary as if there were no patriots.  There would be no recourse, no defense, no protection from the intolerable existence of tyranny.  We would have no freedom except in what the government would allow us.  The external light, that this country has shone out to the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in the Second Amendment?  You might as well not believe in speech.  You might get your Papa to buy a gun to watch over and protect you, and then buy you a gun to protect yourself.  But even if you never needed to use it, what would that prove?  Nobody needs to face down evil and tyranny in order to know it exists.  The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see.  Did you ever see the George Washington lead the colonials to victory in the Revolutionary War?  Of course not, but that’s not proof that they were not there.

You may tear apart the  baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world where ideas of liberty and freedom exist, and in that place, where brave men and women are willing and able to fight to maintain that world, no tyranny can tear it asunder.  Is the Second Amendment real?  Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Second Amendment?  Thank God it lives, and lives as long as patriots stay vigilant. A thousand years from now Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, it will still continue to keep tyranny at bay and continue to make free the hearts of childhood.


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Intoxication and guns shouldn’t mix…nor should intoxication and driving

So then why are their parking lots at bars?  There are states around the country that have prohibitions on having a drink while carrying firearm.  Yet, while they are more than happy to infringe on the Constitutional Right of bearing arms, somehow, regulating the privilege of driving is somehow more protected.

If things were equal (though in truth they shouldn’t be because rights should have more protections than privileges) then you would either have to leave your car at home and walk to the bar or you would have to be a designated driver and not drink at all, by LAW.

But since most gun control zealots hate equality and rationality (i.e. everyone is free to think what they will, as long as you agree with them) the idea of prohibiting drivers from being served alcohol seems completely ridiculous yet banning a gun owner from the same is completely logical.

Statistically, 31% of all fatal car crashes occurred with a drunk driver.  Over 10,200 deaths.

The accidental firearm deaths was about 600.

Even if I factor in ALL gun deaths, to include murders, gang wars, suicides etc, the number is only about 8,200.

Driving drunk kills 25% more people than every kind of firearm death yet where is the outrage to ban drivers from bars?  Where are the Mayors Against Illegal Drivers?  Why isn’t Bloomberg at the head of this crusade?

Hypocrisy, that’s why.  The idea of drinking and driving doesn’t morally offend people the way that a gun owner does.  And if there is any way that a gun owner can be inconvenienced, hassled or otherwise have his/her rights infringed the gun control zealots will attempt it.

But, finally, it seems as if common sense is breaking through.   In 2010, Georgia removed the prohibition of firearm owners from drinking while in a bar or restaurant.  In the past 2 years, blood has not run in the streets, shootouts haven’t become a daily occurrence at the local watering holes and business has gone on as usual.

I’m not surprised.  We are Americans and as Americans we should hold ourselves up to a certain amount of personal responsibility.  We do not need a government to tell us how to properly behave.   We do not need a Nanny state tyrant like Michael Bloomberg dictating our eating portions or salt intake.  We are the country of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and it should remains so.

If you do something stupid when you are drunk and something bad happens you should be punished.  But we cannot tolerate the continual disassembling of personal responsibility lest we become a nation of weak willed government sycophants.

In summation…don’t drunk drive, don’t drunk gun…and generally reconsider drunk texting.  If you can’t drink and not get intoxicated then have a designated gunner with you.    Other than that, carry on.

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The Story of Gonzales and How It Relates to Today

In case you have ever seen a black and white flag with a cannon, lone star and the words “come and take it” and wondered where it came from, I’m going to tell you the story.  Because it is a story that still relates  today and to the fight against governmental control…or as the zealots like to refer to it, gun control.

Gonzales was a Mexican town east of San Antonio that was inhabited by settlers mainly from the US.  In 1831, Mexican authorities gave the settlers a small cannon to help defend themselves against Comanche raids.

Over the next four years, political unrest in Mexico reached a high point with several states revolting.  Col. Ugartechea, commander of all troops in Texas, felt it unwise to leave the weapon in the hands of the settlers and demanded it back.

Let me emphasis something, the government was fine with the settlers having a weapon UNTIL the rule of said government became so unpopular that open revolt was taking place. The government then decides to CONFISCATE that weapon in order to maintain THEIR control. 

Back to 1835.  After the refusal to return the cannons, on September 29th, the Mexicans sent in 100 armed Dragoons to nicely “ask” for the cannon back.  The settlers used a series of excuses and stalling tactics in order to delay the troops outside the town for 2 days, until 140 Texans could gather in Gonzales.  The Texans decided not to return the cannon and a fight ensued.

On October 2nd, shots were fired and the Mexican soldiers withdrew.  Now, this wasn’t the Alamo or San Jacinto, there were only 3 casualties, two dead Mexican Dragoons and a Texan got a little bloody getting bucked off his horse.  But what this was, was the “Lexington of Texas”.  It was when the good people of Texas would no longer take the gun grabbing tyrannical rule of Santa Anna and stood their ground.  Much like the Americans had done some 60 years earlier.

So what does this story mean today?

It is a story that reflects the wisdom that our Founding Fathers had in enumerating the right to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights.  They knew then, as history has proven time and again, that a government who wishes to control its citizens must disarm them and make them subject to governmental might, unable to defend themselves from the will of the rulers.

Gun Control leads to subjugation.  It is about control and will be used by those in power to keep others from opposing them.  It’s like the dystopian golden rule…those with the gold, make the rules.  Only in this case, if only those in power are armed, then they can make any rule they want. 

Never compromise on your gun rights.  Any time the government tries to infringe upon your right to keep and bear arms they are trying to control you a little more. 

To paraphrase the movie Braveheart in regards to compromise: Slaves are made in such ways.



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Saved by a Semi automatic “assault” rifle, the story of Koreatown during the LA riots

Because the opponents of liberty have tried to demonize and mislead people into semi automatic rifles are lead spewing machine guns by calling them “assault” rifles, I will first explain the difference.

A semi automatic rifle, your AR’s, AK’s and the like are weapons that fire a projectile every time the trigger is pulled, same as a pistol.

But because these rifles tend to be black, the gun grabbing zealots wish to cast aspersions on them saying these dangerous black guns shouldn’t be in the hands of everyday citizens.  They like to infer that just because you have a black gun that you are going to go on a kill frenzy.  Just because a gun is black does not make it a machine gun or a true assault weapon.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 heavily regulated all machine guns and assault weapons, what was known colloquially as “gangster weapons”.  The Act requires these weapons to be registered, transfers of ownership must go through the NFA registry and the transport of these firearms across state lines must be reported to the ATF.

Now, I won’t go into how that only applies burden on the law abiding citizens since criminals and gangsters don’t follow laws.  Even back in 1934 gun control zealots were passing meaningless laws to infringe on law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment rights.

The point is, these types of weapons are actually “assault” weapons.  The Thompson sub machine gun, the sawed off street sweeper, grenades and the like.  Not a simple rifle that simply is colored in the same way or to an neophyte’s eye, look the same.

The gun control zealots don’t let that little bit of fact ruin their campaign against semi auto rifles.  But this isn’t about their misleading and dishonest campaigns.

This is about when you would need one of these weapons.  Previously, I had brought up the story of a gun shop owner who defended his store against invasion robbers who drove a van through a wall of his store at night.  He fought off the armed robbers with his trusty AR-15 and lived through the night.

Today, I’d like you to think back to April 1992. It’s a time that many in Los Angeles have not forgotten because it was during this month that the LA riots broke out.  Whatever actual outrage there may have been for the Rodney King verdict was quickly supplanted by looting and self serving criminal behavior under the catchall of “justified outrage”.

Businesses were looted and vandalized, whole sections of business districts burned to the ground, mob mentality ruled and almost nothing could alter their swath of destruction…almost.

The police were basically overwhelmed and could offer little help; the National Guard didn’t arrive in force until day 3, so what could the average person do?

The answer for most was to run and hide and see their businesses, livelihoods and homes looted, vandalized or destroyed.  That’s what happened to most (more than 50 killed, over 4 thousand injured, 12,000 people arrested, and $1 billion in property damage), but that was not the case in Koreatown.

Korean-Americans refer to the riots as Sah-E-Goo which translates to four-two-nine, as in April 29th, the day the riots began.  While stores owned by all races were hit by looting Korean and Asian owned stores were specifically targeted.   When the police abandoned Koreatown, the store owners and their families organized security teams to protect their property and businesses.

Now, these security teams didn’t have whistles or batons, they were armed with Semi automatic rifles (or assault rifles if you will) and they needed them.  From the rooftops of their stores, gunfire battles raged between the looters and the store owners.  But these shepherds kept the wolves at bay until order returned to the city.

While the rest of LA burned, Koreatown stayed standing and mostly intact.  Yet, gun control zealots would still contend that only police and the military should have firearms, David Joo, manager of a gun store in Koreatown has this to say:

“I want to make it clear that we didn’t open fire first. At that time, four police cars were there. Somebody started to shoot at us. The LAPD ran away in half a second. I never saw such a fast escape. I was pretty disappointed.” 

Or Carl Rhyu, who participated in the armed defense of Koreatown against the rioters:

“If it was your own business and your own property, would you be willing to trust it to someone else? We are glad the National Guard is here. They’re good backup. But when our shops were burning we called the police every five minutes; no response.”

So when the gun control zealots spew on and on about “assault” weapons and how the streets will run red with blood (even though there are MILLIONS of semi automatic rifles owned by private citizens) remind them that it was the assault rifle that defended law abiding citizens and business owners in Koreatown when the police were nowhere to be found. 

The only response they can make to hold onto their position would be to suggest that it would have been better for Koreatown to burn to the ground.  Thus, showing how ridiculous gun control is.

I applaud the actions of Koreatown during Sah-E-Goo, because it is the shining example of what America was founded on.  Immigrants, who came to this country, started businesses and prospered, and defended what they made for themselves by themselves.   They didn’t huddle in the corner waiting and hoping the government would come and save them, they exercised the TRUE meaning of the Second Amendment and defended themselves.

This is just one reason why people need “assault” weapons, to defend themselves against assaults.


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The Humane Society is anything but

The Humane Society does not care about domestic pets.  Less than 1% of all money they generate goes to actually shelters where funding is desperately needed.  Despite what the ads on TV would have you believe, the Humane Society does not care about your pet, pounds, shelters or anything of the like. 

Their president, Wayne Pacelle, goes so far as to say the following:

When asked if he envisioned a future without pets, “If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don’t want to see another dog or cat born.”

“One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals.” 

That’s right…these people are so out there on the fringe that they don’t even believe that pets should have the right to exist.  No wonder they don’t want to see money spent on shelters, the Human Society’s endgame is the eradication of pets and the more that get euthanized in shelters, the better.

I think the most ironic thing, especially when you are in the thick of the con job that the Humane Society does, is that Mr. Pacelle doesn’t even LIKE animals. 

“I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.” 

So you have an organization headed by a man who doesn’t like animals and wants to drive all domesticated animals to extinction.  Please reflect on that the next time you see the TV ad for the animal shelter and have a desire to donate to the Humane Society.  Their goal is “the extinction of domestic animals”.  

Here’s a link these and other quotes they have made

But of course it goes beyond domestic animals as the Humane Society has also set its sights on hunting.  It is there that Gun Owners of America and the Humane Society cross paths.

If Pacelle wants the extinction of domestic animals, what do you think the leadership wants in regards to hunting?  From his and HSUS Manager John (J.P) Goodwin own mouths:


“If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would.”

“Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting.”

“We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States … We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state.”

Goodwin takes it a step further and fully wraps himself in an eco terrorist stance

“My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.”

“The industry has produced a booklet that they are sending out to farmers. This booklet describes security techniques that they can adopt. Security techniques which the (Animal Liberation Front) A.L.F. dismantled in Utah, putting the industry to shame. We haven’t gotten a copy of the booklet yet…”

“Sadly, some so called “animal defenders” are not so supportive of these raids. Ann Davis of the Salt Lake City, Utah based Animal Rights Alliance has stated that she has already talked to the FBI, and will continue to do so. The FBI is working for the fur industry. Anyone that works with them is working hand in hand with the fur trade and is a traitor. If you don’t want to be investigated then don’t associate with turncoats. With friends like these, the mink are screwed…”

“Let it be stated loud and clear, that myself and the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade support these actions 100%. We will never, ever, ever work with anyone who helps the FBI stop the A.L.F.”

 So, not only do they want to abolish hunting and animal agriculture (which extends to beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep’s wool etc) they also fully support the actions of the eco-terrorist group, Animal Liberation Front.


Mid-blog recap:

The Humane Society of the United States hates domestic animals.

Wants cats and dogs driven to extinction.

 Does not support local shelters despite their misleading advertising schemes.

Wants to end hunting and all animal agriculture.

Supports terrorism in pursuit of their goals.


What got me all heated about the con job that the HSUS has been spilling on the American Public?  The petty and lying attacks that the HSUS has regurgitated have led to a passage of a bill in California that has banned the use of hunting dogs to hunt bears and bobcats.

Why is it petty?  Because the push to ban the use of hunting dogs (something that has existed for 15,000 years) was brought on by the HSUS when they found out that the Chairman of the Fish and Wildlife Game Commission in California, Dan Richards, went to Montana to hunt mountain lion with hounds.  Now, Mr. Richards did nothing illegal mind you, he paid his tags and mountain lions are not illegal to hunt in Idaho.

But after reading the eco-terrorism that the HSUS supports is it any doubt that petty revenge would be beneath them?  With the cabal of lawyers and lobbyist the HSUS have, paid with money that most people thought would be going to save domestic animals at shelters, the HSUS got the hunting dog ban bill passed.

Now it sits on Gov. Brown’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.  The Governor has until the end of the month to do one or the other; otherwise the bill will become law regardless.

But, like the Humane Society leadership has said, California is only the beginning.  They want the eradication of hunting in the United States, beginning in California and going eastward until there are no pets or hunting or using of animals anywhere in the country.

No more lap dogs or house cats, no more cattle or dairy industry, no more horseback riding or sheep herds.  THE TOTAL ELIMINATION OF THE USE OF ANIMALS IN AMERICA IS THE GOAL OF THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES.

I want to drive that point home because it’s just incredulous to me that this organization not only exists but is supported by so many people who have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the misrepresentation and outright lying that the HSUS does.

The HSUS will continue on with their goals if people fail to realize what those goals are and continue to support them.  Don’t believe their lies.  They do not help shelters, they do not help animals, they help themselves line their pockets with contributions by people they have duped and use the funds left over to be a mouthpiece for terrorism (A.L.F) and to lobby against the American way of life.


Final Recap (because the point is important)

The Humane Society of the United States hates domestic animals

Wants cats and dogs driven to extinction

Does not support local shelters despite their misleading advertising schemes.

Wants to end hunting and all animal agriculture.

Supports terrorism in pursuit of their goals.

Will seek legislation out of pettiness and vengeance

Misrepresents themselves, their mission and their opposition.

Would eliminate animal agriculture (no meat, no dairy, no wool)

For the HSUS, California is only the starting point…they will be coming for you sooner or later.


Not only do I think that the Humane Society of the United States are out of their minds, I think they are a corrupted organization that preys on the good nature of the American people to steal money from them in order to pursue their own twisted goals.  In July of this year a judge ruled that the HSUS is going to court to face charges under RICO statues on racketeering, obstruction of justice, malicious prosecution and a number of other charges.

I am hoping that this vile and extremist organization is finally brought out into the light so people can see what they are really trying to do and where their contributions are really going.

Helping animals is a good and noble thing.  If you see an ad by the HSUS on TV that shows an animal shelter in need, I implore you to go to that shelter and give money to them directly.  The HSUS will only use that money to make themselves rich (Pacelle makes $2.6 MILLION a year), pay for lawyers to defend themselves against racketeering charges, and to lobbyists to carry out vendettas.

One final time, the Humane Society of the United States is an organization that wants to kill your pets.

The Humane Society of the United States wants to end the use of ALL animals in society.

The Humane Society of the United States supports eco-terrorism groups like the Animal Liberation Front.

The HSUS is a dangerous group, they are persuasive and good at conning people and that has made them well funded and powerful.  Help spread the word and reveal the true nature of this extremist group.  Help animals and oppose the HSUS.

If you are in California and want to stand up against this organization, contact Gov. Brown’s office and ask for his veto on SB 1221.

Don’t let us the HSUS turn us into a country of pet-less vegans.



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Weekend Hodgepodge

As September rolls on and harvests take place I am faced with a philosophical query that has been a recurrence for years now…Pumpkin or Apple.

I’m talking about pies of course.  No one says that a pumpkin a day keeps anything away.  Nor do I think about plucking a pumpkin off the vine and take a big juicy bit out of it.  In all common categories of eating it raw I will say that apple has pumpkin beat, hands down.

But when it comes to pie is the choice so obvious?  Why is it Mom, baseball and apple pie?  Apples are not indigenous to this country (though one could say an immigrant fruit does make sense). I would make a case that Pumpkin pie might be MORE American than apple.  

What kind of pie do you serve at Thanksgiving?  There’s no such thing as a Dutch Pumpkin pie. The pumpkin is so industrious, filled with the America spirit of ingenuity that it can be tossed in competition, carved to make art and designs for Halloween, and its seeds can be roasted, salted and eaten.  Appleseeds are poisonous.

So, with the All American pumpkin having so many attributes, why does the pumpkin pie so often get relegated to second class with sayings like, “As American as Apple pie”?

Just some things to think about.

Either way, they are both delicious.  Treat yourself to either one this fall but remember…Pumpkins pie is American too!

Dad, Football and Pumpkin Pie! 

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Blood in the streets

To continue on a theme that I started yesterday and in light of recent Islamo-fascist uprisings, I wanted to delve into actual blood in the streets.  Basically, we haven’t won the war on terror.  I don’t think it is a battle that can be “won”, it can only be fought.

While our brave servicemen and women have been fighting it overseas that does not mean that it will not be brought back to our shores in the future.  No amount of constitution shredding Patriot acts or liberty killing executive orders will eliminate that possibility.

So the question remains, if we find ourselves with Islamo-fascist terrorists here in the heartland are you prepared to defend yourself.

While the police are required to protect society on a whole from falling into chaos, there is a limit on what they can do when a full-on terrorist insurrection is occurring within the states.  I don’t mean millions of terrorists are going to invade the US and try to take over, but let’s say a dozen here a dozen there, with dirty bombs they made from everyday items and a little spent uranium they got on the Russian black market.  Maybe a few more with AK-47’s they received in Mexico thanks to Eric Holders Fast & Furious campaign to arm Drug Cartels.

Now, let’s say these terrorist want to act, start blowing things up and shooting up places.  They will do what criminals have done for years.  Avoid the police and avoid places where people fight back.  Pretty much they will target Gun-Free zones.

Universities, churches, elementary schools and the like.  They may branch off but these they will hit them first.  Maybe they will go to a mall, the everyday bastion of American capitalism and just start randomly shooting up the place. 

Let’s say the terrorists hear of a movie that they interpret as being anti Muslim.  What is to stop them from having one or two terrorists go to every movie theatre in the country showing that movie on opening night and shooting up the place?  They would only need about 2000 volunteers, multiply that by 25 innocent people killed at the minimum per theatre and you have 50,000 people killed in one act of terrorism.

This is when blood in the streets will run and the vehicle that will drive it is gun control.  “Feeling” safe by disarming the law abiding as opposed to doing something to make you safe is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard.

Just another reason that you should always carry and be your own cavalry.  Unless we, as a nation abandon our notions completely of what freedom and liberty look like and declare an Eastern Bloc style of martial law, we will always live with such possibilities.  Danger is one of the prices for living in a free state.  And not just from the occasional wacko in a movie theatre or another one at a school, but from everyday criminals and terrorists.

A quote was attributed to Admiral Yamamoto during WWII when he voiced his thoughts on invading the US after Pearl Harbor: 

“You cannot invade the Mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

Whether the Admiral ever said that is up to conjecture, but that doesn’t diminish the validity of the statement.  We are a country of millions upon millions of gun owners and we must fight to keep it that way.  While military might may keep the armies of our enemies at bay, that does not mean the enemy will not present himself on our streets nonetheless.

A time may come when a blade of grass is all that stands between victory and tragedy.


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Cops will not protect you…they aren’t psychic nor are they legally required to

The police have no legal responsibility to save you.  No, seriously.  You may have heard this before and have not known its origin.  Maybe you just think since cops aren’t psychic they won’t be there in time to stop a crime.  Well, they’re not, and they usually aren’t there to protect you when things go bump in the night

Many of us have heard the old saying,

“When seconds count the cops are only minutes away”

Or that cops investigate crimes that happened not stop crimes that are happening.

 That is very true.  And a rational person can understand that.  Of course, Gun Control zealots aren’t rational so they believe that only cops and criminals should have guns.  Criminals, so they can kill you and then armed cops can more safely capture the criminals.  Little solace to your family that the bad guy was captured. 

Because he wasn’t “stopped”.  The only person who can STOP crime are those who are armed and ready when crime is unfolding.  Such as a 76 year old employee at Everett Real Estate who shot a much younger man who was robbing him.  Or a San Antonio man who stopped Roberto Barron when he was stabbing his wife in front of a school.  The cops weren’t there to protect Mrs. Barron, but an armed citizen was.  He saved her life and held Roberto at gun point until the police eventually arrived.

But these are things we know.  Especially as gun owners who carry, we carry a firearm because a cop won’t fit in our holsters.  And despite what the media would like us to believe, true stories of self defense using a firearm are much more prevalent than is reported.

Back to what the police actually do.  They investigate crimes that have happened.  But what are they “required” by law to do?

In Warren v District of Columbia, the court found that police are only under a general duty to protect the public at large.  The court stated that official police personnel and the government employing them owe no duty to victims of criminal acts and thus are not liable for a failure to provide adequate police protection unless a special relationship exists.

 What does that mean?  That means that they do not have to answer your calls for help, they do not have to stop and assist you when you are in trouble, they do not have to do anything to help or protect YOU, the individual.  All that the police are required to do to satisfy their duty is to protect the public at large.

The case that brought this ruling in brief: Three rape victims sued the District of Columbia for negligence on the part of the police. Two of three female roommates were upstairs when they heard men break in and attack the third. They phoned the police, reporting that their house was being burglarized, and waited on the roof. Their call was incorrectly dispatched as less important than it was three minutes after they made the call, and three police cars came to the scene, three minutes after the call was dispatched. One policeman drove by without stopping, and another officer walked up to the door and knocked. Upon receiving no answer, the officers left five minutes after they had arrived. Nine minutes later, the two women called the police again and were assured they would receive assistance. This call was never dispatched and the police never came. Believing that the police had arrived and were in the house, the two women called down to the third who was being attacked. This alerted the intruders to their presence, and they then took them captive at knife-point. They were then raped, robbed, beaten, and forced to submit to the attackers’ sexual demands for the next fourteen hours.

With this ruling from the courts, how can anyone honestly and with a straight face actually argue that only police should be allowed to have guns.  If those very same police have no duty to protect a citizen then their use of a gun is primarily used to protect themselves. What kind of double standard is that?

I have always found this ruling to be the most damning to the gun control argument of only police being allowed to carry guns.   They WILL NOT BE THERE when the average law abiding citizen is in need.   Not only won’t they be there, they AREN’T REQUIRED TO BE THERE. 

Now, if these 3 women were armed then quite possibly they wouldn’t have been raped and beaten for 14 hours.  I can tell you for a fact that being unarmed and waiting on the police to save them offered them no such protection and the results speak for themselves.

The police will file a report, but only you can stop crime.

Carry on and be your own cavalry.


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Why do we keep apologizing?

I, for one, am tired of the constant apologizing that this country’s executive branch keeps doing.   We have apologized for our arrogance, for our dismissive nature and our willingness to engage in violence.  I believe that there is no reason to apologize for having pride in your country, for being willing to lead and to be willing to defend liberty and freedom for those who are in need.

Why this President continues to undermine American exceptionalism by his constant kowtowing to foreign powers and bodies is sickening.  Obama has claimed that America has a moral responsibility to act on arms control (i.e. gun banning) because we used a Nuclear weapon. 

But on top of apologizing for the beacon of freedom that America has lit in the world for the past 200+ years, on top of apologizing for our “savage” 2nd Amendment, Obama now apologizes that our First Amendment right has angered foreigners and that it is ostensibly our fault that the US Ambassador to Libya was murdered by an irate gang of Muslim extremists.

What is next Mr. Obama, was 9/11 our fault too?

I grew up in a country that had Ronald Reagan as its Commander in Chief.  A man who used diplomacy through strength.  Who proudly stated to the only other super power on the planet to “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL”.  Reagan never apologized to Gorbachev for the Russians feeling they needed to put up a wall to deny liberty to the East Germans. The concept is as absurd as it is repugnant.  Ronald Reagan believed in this country’s greatness, that it was a shining city on a hill.  He saw the greatness in America and let that greatness shine.  He did not bow and bend his knee to other powers in order to supplicate them.  He instilled in others the Dream that is America and they could see it for all its wonder in their own eyes.

But not Mr. Obama.  He apologizes for American free speech.  In so doing, he absolves the violence and murder of 4 US diplomats at the hands of radicals because obviously we American’s had it coming exercising our rights the way we do.

I am DONE with the apologizing.  I love America and while there may be some things deserving apologies (Tuskegee Experiment, Japanese-American Internment, poor treatment of Veterans) it should never apologize for what makes it great.  If we start apologizing and capitulating to foreign powers by limiting our First and Second Amendment rights, we are surrendering our sovereignty. 

Mr. Obama, if you want to continue to apologize, then you should apologize to the American people for being a disgrace.  You can start with an apology to the families of Border Agent Brian Terry and US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  Then continue on to all the other people who your apologies and excuses have hurt or killed in the past four years.

Some people are saying you are the second coming of Jimmy Carter.  I don’t, I think you are much worse.  I hope my fellow countrymen and women have realized that truth and do not believe that America should crawl to anyone with hat in hand. 

We are a proud country filled with patriots Mr. Obama.  We cling to our guns because it is our right.  We cling to our bibles because it is our right. 

If you find need to apologize to other countries for those rights I only have to ask:

Mr. Obama, whose side are you really on? 


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What we lost on September 11th 2001

On top of the tragic loss of human life, I look back over these past 11 years and I see something just as tragic that has been lost.  Liberty.  Sure we have the pretense of freedom but through 2 administrations liberty has been chiseled away ever so slowly so that we are like the frog in the pot.  If it heats slowly enough the frog won’t jump and before he realizes it he is cooked and dead.

That is what is happening to American society.  It started with righteous fury at terrorists and a knee jerk reaction to do something.  And I’m not talking about retaliatory strikes and invasion of other countries, I’m talking about the pacifying tactics that the sheep demanded in order to feel safe.  This reliance on the government to beat back the boogeyman was in its nascent stage for many years prior to 9/11, but found its potential tapped when those planes were flown into the towers.

We were given the Patriot Act to catch terrorists in the homeland.  The TSA was created to ensure safety while we flew.  The Dept. of Homeland Security was formed to ensure that all branches of our intelligence network worked and communicated together.

As innocent and as well intentioned as those ideas and organizations started out to they set the foundation for tyranny and corruption.

The Patriot Act has been used to investigate copyright infringement, used against the homeless, to track big spenders in Vegas, to spy on American citizens, to investigate drug crimes, fraud and political dissent.   The one thing that the Patriot Act is hardly ever used to investigate is actual terrorism. 

The Patriot Act is being wielded like a broadsword to get around Constitutional protections against anyone who the law enforcement wants to use it on.  Maybe you buy too many guns, maybe you read too many books at the library that the government doesn’t approve of and so on.  With the 4 year extension of the Patriot Act signed by President Obama we are seeing even more invasions into civil liberties. 

In America nowadays, when all you have to do is infer that someone MIGHT be up to something that appears to be possibly terroristic in nature you can shred the 4th Amendment right and do whatever it takes in pursuit of him.  

Then we have the TSA.  Workers whose starting salary grade is $17,000 a year are given absolute power over whether you are allowed to travel or not.  And I don’t mean that these people are stopping you because you have brought anthrax on a plane or reek of plutonium.  They can kick you off just because they don’t like you.  I feel bad for all the beautiful women who are subjected to cancer causing backscatter screens just because some agent wants to get his jollies off.  Or for people who have been sexually assaulted having to relive the experience at one of the agents grope fests.

Not only is the government fighting to keep the TSA in airports they are trying to expand it to bus terminals, train stations and on the streets.

This is AMERICA…when the hell did things go so upside down that we need prove our innocence or identity to travel freely among our own hometowns and states.  I do not want to live in a country where I will have to show my papers to any federal agent just to go about my daily business around my home.

Then we have Homeland Security.  Just another cabinet level position that is sucking the tax paying well dry.  The current secretary is Janet Napolitano whose defense and misuse of both the Patriot Act as well as the TSA borders on the line of criminal.  She is possibly the worst and most dangerous person in the country.  With a signature she can have you detained, seize your assets, restrict your travel, and arbitrarily make your life a living hell all in the name of “national security.”

What’s truly terrifying about this woman is the absolute mess she has in her own house.  Treating male workers like lapdogs, credit card abuses, sexism, fraud, waste and mismanagement are all charges leveled upon Sec. Napolitano and her ilk. 

Don’t you remember the America you grew up in?  The one that you were free to travel without having to subject yourself to the “theatre of protection”.  Where you didn’t have to take your shoes off, be sexually groped and be scanned with cancer causing rays just to go on vacation?  I remember a time when America wasn’t a bunch of cattle that were herded to this line and that to subject themselves to constant inspection to make sure we “made the grade”.  I remember an America where the 4th Amendment meant something. 

Maybe these things like the Patriot Act were created with the best of intentions, but as the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

These are the examples of the slipperly slope in reality.  It starts with a tragedy and there is outrage so government does something. The people are pacified but once you open Pandora’s box the monster continues to grow.  Once government bureaucracy is created it does not stay small or manageable…it grows and feeds and keeps going because every generation of bureaucrat wants more and more.   Eventually, liberty ends…not with a bang, but a whimper.


If the previous paragraph tugs at something in your brain it should.  As a gun owner this is the same method that they will come for our guns.  Not in one fell swoop, but little by little until we are rocked to sleep with one small restriction, one tiny infringement that doesn’t seem like it concerns us.  Then eventually…it’s gone too.  The 2nd will have gone the way of the 4th.  And without the 2nd…there is no hope for the others and therefore no hope for America.

This is what we lost on September 11th 2001.  I just hope enough people realize it before we are cooked like that frog in the slow boiling pot.

This is also the reason why Gun Owners of America will always be, as Ron Paul called us, “The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington”.


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How bloody do you have to get before you can defend yourself?

That is the question facing a motorist who was viciously attacked by a cyclist.  After being struck through his window, seven or more times according to witnesses,  Edward Meyers shot his attacker who died later at the scene.

The event occurred when the cyclist, Henry Enoch, ran a red light and struck the side of Meyer’s truck.  Enoch being oblivious to his fault in the matter sprung up, raced around the front of the truck to Meyers open window and began pummeling him.    After the salvo of punches did not slacken Meyers shot Enoch, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Now prosecutors are deciding whether or not to charge Meyers with a crime.  Michigan law states that you can use deadly force if you think your life is in imminent danger, you’re in fear of sexual assault or to save yourself from great bodily harm.

Fear of death?  A person can be beaten to death but lets assume that Mr. Enoch was not quite Chuck Norris in his prowess and that Meyers was in no danger of imminent death.

Sexual assault?  Doesn’t look like it.

Great bodily harm?  That’s where the crux of the matter falls.  How many times does a man need to be struck and hit before he can defend himself? 

To me, this is obviously a case where Meyers was defending himself from great bodily harm.  He had no idea how long Enoch was going to pound him, all he knew is that an irate and furious man was pummeling him for an incident that was not his fault.  Remember, Enoch was the one who was at fault for the crash, yet he is the one who irrationally thought to beat up the other man.

Prosecutors are beginning to make the Hollywood defense.  It’s the term I coin when someone who is ignorant of the realities of a situation offers a “better” solution from something they would see in a movie.  In this case, it is being argued that Meyers should have just put the truck in gear and drove off.

Let me list the problems with that.  Under the rain of blows Enoch is delivering Meyers is supposed to put his truck in gear and floor it through an intersection that he can’t see clearly?  And who is to say, that in his enraged state, that Enoch wouldn’t jump through the window to continue his assault thus causing Meyers to veer off and possibly strike some innocent bystanders.  I think my favorite one was suggesting he simply roll up his window, as if that would automatically inform the assaulter that ok, the guy being beaten no longer wishes to continue so please kindly refrain from your attack while he rolls up his window.

The fact is that Meyers is a law abiding citizen who had his Michigan permit to carry and was being attacked by a road rager.  Everyone likes to play hindsight from the safety of their own circumstance, but when you have some irate maniac punching you unmercifully you defend yourself.  Did Mr. Meyers have to wait to get a concussion to fire, wait for his nose to be broken, or to start choking on his own blood?  Who knows when the punches would have stopped, you shouldn’t have to receive severe bodily harm in order to stop severe bodily harm.  To think otherwise is just good solid Gun Control logic.

I’ll tell you this, if Mr. Enoch had not imitated an MMA fighter that day he probably would still be alive right now.   I hope that the prosecutors do the right thing and understand that this was a misfortunate occurrence but the fault lies with Mr. Enoch and his fury and not with Mr. Meyers and his defense of self.


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Weekend Hodgepodge

With the first full Sunday of American football here in the states I just wanted to reflect on how great the fall season is in America.

We have playoff baseball.  Because lets face it…160 some odd games is a lot to stay excited about.  But once the fall comes around the races matter, wild card births are being fought over and come October every single pitch and at bat matters.

Hunting season really kicks in.  Depending on where you are there there are numerous things to hunt and different times of the year but being raised in the North East I always associate the fall with deer and bear hunting.  Of course, depending on the state Bear season can start as early as September (NH) or not until November (PA).

Apple Pie.  Yes, we all serve apple pie for on picnics and July 4th and so on, but the real apple harvest…the good one with the sweet sweet juiciness of all an apple’s potential is in the fall.  I remember fondly going apple picking around this time of year as a kid with the long stick with a little bag at the end in order to get the apples higher up in the tree.  Good times.  Plus I also remember a few times going to the pumpkin patches as well.  Lifting pumpkins the size of small mountains.  Pumpkin pie is good too.  

The weather.  Summers Hot, Winters Cold, Springs wet, but Autumn is juuuuuust right.  

Football.  Baseball may be America’s pastime but football is America’s sport. I am always reminded of a line from the Musical 1776 spoken by Ben Franklin in why America was different than Britain.  

“We’ve spawned a new race here, Mr. Dikinson. Rougher, simpler; more violent, more enterprising; less refined. We’re a new nationality. We require a new nation”

And football is the sport that defines that nationality best.  Its violent and beautiful.  It’s a place where heart matters and can overcome skill, where stands are made and even if they fail the fact that they are made give hope.  Football embodies the American spirit and I always feel a little better when it is being played.  

Side note: Think about this, Futbol(soccer) is the worlds game. The beautiful game it is called where no one knows the time and people flail around and cry about fake injuries in order to get sympathy from the refs.  Sounds pretty much like any UN Operation I’ve heard of.

But I digress.  Fall is also the election time of year.  Now, many don’t really care considering such low voter turnout but I always appreciate the dog and pony show and how if the media was fair Ron Paul would’ve probably had a shot and if he didn’t Romney would probably be up by 15 points right now.  I mean, lowest workforce participation in over 30 years and the Politico titles their page “State of the Race: Advantage Obama”.  Yeah…don’t lead with anything that might actually be the truth and hurt that statement.

Grrr…all right, maybe elections aren’t so great.  But everything else is.  Even heading back to school was always fun.  A new year to broaden my horizons, see old friends and so forth.

And lets not forget the downright plethora of holidays in the year.  It starts off with Labor Day, a day we celebrate labor by not doing any.  Then we have Halloween which is fun for everyone.  Thanksgiving, which couples an abundance of food, family and football together.  How American is that?  And then there is Christmas and Hanukkah. I include those because I like shopping for those holiday’s and I do that in the fall so I don’t have to get crushed in stores come the winter.

So, the random thoughts on why the Autumn in America is the best time of year.  Go Steelers!


Disclaimer: The rooting for the Steelers is not an official endorsement by Gun Owners of America and is reserved solely by the author and his Primanti brother sandwich eating, terrible towel waving, yinzer loving Pittsburghese self.



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Technology has rendered gun control pointless

In case you aren’t familiar with what “printing” is (and I don’t mean seeing your concealed weapons outline), it is the use of a 3D printer in order to make an object from plastic.  Many objects can be made from it and among them are firearms.

Yep.  You can buy a 3D printer and from a block of plastic design and print out your own pistol, or AR receiver, made from about $30 worth of plastic resin.

You can see the first confirmed example of a functioning 3D printed gun here.

With fine tuning and home science the 3D printing technology will soon be able to make the main parts of any gun out of plastic requiring only a few parts needed to be made of metal. 

I pose the question to the gun control zealots out there.  How exactly do you plan on stopping this?  The moment criminals can print a gun at home as easily as they could a word document your whole existence for being becomes moot.  Unless you plan on extending your half baked ideology to cover the banning and control of printers, or plastic resin.  Come to think of it, you are all about control so I could easily see Mayor Bloomberg leading the charge to do just that.

But with the advent of the printed gun your Achilles heel and baseline of deceit is revealed to the world.  You are not looking to stop criminals from having guns, you are looking for the total ban of all guns in America.  One of your leading proponents, US Senator Dianne Feinstein from California was honest enough to say it:

“Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe”


“If I could have gotten an out right ban, picking up every [gun]…’Mr and Mrs America, turn em all in, I would have done it.”

Technology has washed away your footing, if you ever had any, and now you are left with either going away or revealing yourselves to the country with your true face.  You want guns out of the hands of ALL Americans.   I mean, what criminal is going to go through all the hard work of going to buy an illegal gun now, if all he has to do is hit print?

Your 10 day waiting periods are moot.  Your background checks are pointless, your gun registration is immediately outdated.  All the schemes and hurdles you have placed on law abiding citizens (the ones who follow the law and as such jump through your hoops) in order to “prevent crime” will be revealed as what it truly is, preventing gun ownership, period.

So, to the gun control zealots, who blather on about illegal guns, loopholes, waiting periods, magazine capacities, weapons bans and all the other nonsense that criminals never followed in the first place, I say that technology has pulled back the curtain and you can no longer mask the truth; you’ve been coming for American guns all along.  

The irony is, while you were so hell bent on destroying the 2nd Amendment, in a roundabout way it was the 1st Amendment that beat you.  Who’d of thought the freedom of the press would be used to make a gun.



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DNC Checklist: First deny God. Second deny the rights He bestowed to us. Third, Government

In case it comes as a surprise to those who don’t believe that President Obama is just biding his time to enact sweeping gun control measures, an official plank on the DNC Platform calls for the re-enactment of the assault weapons ban.

Diane Feinstein, with her government funded protection detail has no qualms with denying you the right to protect yourself and your home.  At a delegates breakfast yesterday she stated that she would reintroduce an updated assault weapons ban declaring: “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms or in our movie theatres”.

Never a group to let a good tragedy go to waste, the gun control zealots always like to stir the most recent emotional nerve in order to get some quick press and make a cause célèbre out of such instances.  Never mind the fact that the theatre was a gun free zone and in such the shooter wasn’t allowed to have his firearms there to begin with.  But the zealots rarely let little things like the truth, facts and common sense get in the way of their agenda.

It’s also pathetic that they make it seem like the shooting in Aurora was due to small lapse in the assault weapons ban and therefore the streets are running red with blood.  The ban ended EIGHT years ago.  All the gun control zealots with their prognosticating of old west shootouts and fear mongering have very little evidence to back up their delusions and as such cling to a tragedy like a parasite in order to suck it dry for every bit its worth.

With the passage of another assault weapons ban, a slippery slope would ensue.  Since the term “assault” is a loaded term crafted by the gun control crowd in order to instill fear in a simple rifle, it will not be long before they go after sniper rifles (hunting guns), assault shotguns (pump action), Military grade assault pistols (your 1911) etc.

By twisting language the gun control crowd has demonized a class of firearms that they wish to deny the American public.  Even if they cease with the of twisting the 2nd Amendment to deny gun rights to civilians they often snidely remark how the framers of the Constitution  were talking about muskets and that if people today want to carry a gun it should be a musket or single shot pistol.

How easily they will ignore the fact that if their argument was valid, and the Constitution was a static document meant to trap us in time, the First Amendment would not extend to the internet, television, radio, or even newspapers anymore.  I mean really, how many newspapers are actually “pressed” nowadays?

But like I all ready stated, the gun control zealots do not care for facts or truth or logic.  I have long said that the push for gun control itself is completely illogical in this way:

 “Gun Control laws are the only laws that point to their own abject and complete failure as reason to instill more gun control laws.”

And as Senator Feinstein herself stated as her goal in an interview with 60 Minutes, “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”  Depending on how the election goes, she may get a second chance.

That is the plank of the DNC, that is what they and the other gun control zealots want.  They want to ban them all and nothing less will satisfy them.  Thinking about it, it shouldn’t really be too surprising from the party that had initially started their convention by denying God a place within it. 

Our rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator, if to you that means God or Nature or the flying spaghetti monster it doesn’t matter, what matters is that our rights are innate and are not given to us by the government.  A party that denies God also denies the inalienable rights bestowed upon us by Him.  After the initial blowback from denying God a place at the convention the party leaders moved to reinstitute God into the program, the measure was met with a resounding BOO-ing by the delegates.  They were actually boo-ing God.

As has been said before I will say again, gun control is about CONTROL.  And to support a party whose platform is to undercut, not only our rights but from where those rights come is a dangerous party indeed.  It is a party that will turn us from citizens to servants.  In the ideal of the DNC we would all be cogs in the machine of government.  In their own produced video they state: Government is the only thing we all belong to.

Really?  I’m sorry; I don’t “belong” to the government.  What about the fact that we are all free in this country?  The ideals it stands for, the liberty it instills?  I don’t belong to this government because I am an American.  I thought, if anything, it was the American dream we belonged to.

And there it is in a nutshell.  The DNC believes that it is the government that people are fodder for.  They have given up the idea that the government is a tool for the people, and a small tool it should be.  Hmmm…maybe it’s time we started having Gov Control.

Remember this, when you go to the polls this November.  Remember it in your local elections, in who you send to your state house and in who you send to Congress.

Send an American who believes in your rights…not a government drone looking to limit them. 



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The Brady Campaigns War on Women

To find the real war on women, one need look no further than the Brady Campaign which insists on stripping law abiding women of their right to defend themselves against rapists.  Brady Campaign-approved guidelines about preventing rape say women should vomit, urinate, defecate or announce you are on your period.  The Campaign seems to be following a study done by Yale which concluded the same.

That is the extent that they believe women should be allowed to defend themselves. While I will not argue the research that Yale has done, how dare these gun control zealots limit their suggestions to women that they should debase themselves in the hopes that the rabid animal trying to violate them will be turned off.

There is only one way to deal with rabid animals and that is to put them down. 

I’m not a woman, but I cannot think of an attack more brutal, more life altering and more violent than being raped.  If ever there is a case for deadly force to be made it is in regards to defending yourself against being raped.  In every stand your ground and castle doctrine law that I know of around the country you are absolutely within your legal rights to use deadly force to stop an attacker from raping you.  And despite the Brady Campaigns belief that the only way to stop an attack is to debase yourself in the hopes of disgusting your attacker, I fully support a woman’s right to turn the tables on her attacker and have him defecate himself.  

Let us look at the Brady Campaign’s “victory” that they like to cling to in Illinois.  Illinois is still the only state in the Union that does not allow its citizens to carry a weapon for defense outside of the home.   With a high level of sexual assaults taking place, the Illinois State Police state that, as a woman who is attacked you should first try to talk your way out of being raped.

Fighting for your safety may be necessary. However, if you start out fighting you cancel any other options that might be open to you. Since many attacks on women are not sexually motivated, and are designed to degrade and humiliate, talking your way out of it may be easier.”

Talking things out first, because obviously Mr. Would-Be Rapist is a reasonable sort of chap who’s just craving stimulating philosophical debates on why he should not rape, beat you and murder you.  Like gun control zealots, the ISP thinks that criminals, on the whole, follow laws and can be reasoned with.  If you’re a woman, do you really want to take that chance?

And speaking of fighting back, the ISP obviously doesn’t mean you should shoot them since you would be breaking the law if you were carrying a firearm, so what do they mean?  Have they been watching the Charlie’s Angels movie too much and now think that a 103lb girl can fight off a 235lb rapist because she knows Krav Maga?

The fact is that a small woman has a limited chance of fighting off 1 or more large male attacker with her bare hands. The truth is she is going to need help and as the old adage goes, “God created Man, Sam Colt made them equal”.

The gun is the equalizer that can protect the 100lb girl from the monsters in the night.  From those who would rob innocence and shatter dreams.  The gun levels a playing field for the small and the weak so that we are not a society run by thugs and roving gangs of strong arms. 

The Brady Campaign would deny the right of the small to defend themselves against the large.  They would promote reasoning with rabid animals and the moral authority of being raped over killing your rapist. 

I would say to use every method possible that would stop one of the most heinous acts from being perpetrated against you.  If you think that the Yale study and the ISP advice is sound I won’t advise against it, it might work.  But I KNOW that 3 shots to the chest with a .45 will work.  If I were a woman I would prefer to have to deal with the fact that I put down a rabid animal than I would dealing with the fact that that animal raped me.

The Brady Campaign…defending rapists from getting shot since 1974.


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All states are not created equally (in regards to your rights)

If you happen to live in a state where the cost or bureaucracy of getting your CCW is prohibitive, you should think about getting a non-residential permit from another state.  In the news recently was an article about the rise in the number of non residential Virginia CCW’s issued that looks to coincide with a new procedure allowing people to take the “competency” test online

Basically, you take the online test of 15-20 true or false questions and if you pass you have the basic competency for carrying a gun.  Examples of these questions are as follows:

“The first step in cleaning your firearm is to make sure it is unloaded,”

“Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction,”

Once the test is passed, you include it with your application, fingerprints for a background check, and the $39.99 fee.  Since Virginia is a “shall-issue” state they must issue you a permit (that is valid for 5 years) unless you have some disqualifier, such as being a felon.

Your non-res Virginia CCW will be valid in 28 states.  And for less than $8 a year, not a bad deal.

Of course, the gun control zealots like to blow this out of proportion and say it’s a loophole or an end-around to “sensible” gun laws.  Basically what they mean is that they want to deny as many people as they can the right to carry firearms and that any state that eases the burden on law abiding citizens should be ostracized.

Now, there may be some of you reading this who think that people should take classes and be proficient with their firearms and have a lot of training before they carry.  I agree…they should take it upon themselves and do just that.  But to have the government insist upon it as a mandatory regulation in the practice of a person’s god given right is beyond the pale.

To prove my point, what do you think the gun control zealots would think of this little bit of juxtaposition.

In order to vote you need to submit the following.  Probable reasons that make you believe you “need” to vote.  Submit to fingerprinting and a background check to make sure you are eligible to vote.  Pay a $100 poll fee in order to vote per year.  Take a test to qualify yourself in the complexities of politics.  Basically you have to prove that you know what you are voting for before you are allowed into the polls.  It’s mandatory that you can prove your ability to defend your reasons for voting.  You have to be 21 years old.  And finally, even if you are found competent and otherwise eligible, the voting commission reserves the right to deny your ability to vote on their own volition.

THAT is what a great number of American citizens in some states have to deal with in order to practice their 2nd Amendment rights.  The left would cry bloody murder if this was ever tried to be enacted for voting.  They are screaming like banshee’s  now that some states want you to prove who you are when you go to the polls.  The argument is that the process of getting a free ID card is too burdensome for the poor.  But of course, if you want to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights there is no amount of red tape that the gun control zealots will consider “burdensome”.

Setting aside the few states that have gotten it right so far with Constitutional Carry, I like Pennsylvania’s carry requirements.  The process is pretty straight forward everywhere but Philadelphia.  You fill out your paperwork and submit it with $20.  No finger prints, no tests, no unnecessary hurdles needed to jump through other than the process itself.  If you’re not a criminal in about 20 days (in a busy County like Allegheny) you get your permit.  In some of the more rural counties you can come in and get it within 20 minutes.  The permit is also good for 5 years.  If you are a non res you can apply to any county, some don’t issue though so you should check it out before you apply.  A non-res permit from PA is good in 24 states.

The 2nd Amendment states that it shall not be infringed.  Yet through some states inflated pricing structure, the fickleness of may-issue statutes, and the bureaucratic red tape they are throwing nothing but infringement all over the place.  My suggestion then, short of moving, is to utilize the friendly gun climates of other states and get their non-residential permits.  Of course this does not apply to states like New York or California who recognize only their own states ccw.

Remember  this fall, when you are voting for your state representatives, that poll taxes and Jim Crow laws were outlawed in regards to voting but are still being used to deny otherwise law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment Rights.  I encourage you to engage your candidate and see if they believe this is right or whether they are going to fight to change it.

Here is a great site for permit coverage and the laws that go with it

States of interest to pursue a Non-res Permit from:





I included Utah and Florida, even though they have physical training requirement and a little higher cost they are also recognized by the most states.


EDIT:  Apparently, PA requires that you have a license from your home state before they will issue a non-res permit.  This could still be of use for those in states that do not have much reciprocity with other states.  But with all things being equal, if you do not have a home state permit for aforementioned reasons, Virginia is probably your better bet.  Plus, since 3/31/11 Pennsylvania will not issue a LTCF by mail, it must be picked up in person.

As for Virginia, the finger printing is only required of non-residents and not of Virginians themselves.


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Weekend hodgepodge

Since I haven’t been post anything on weekends I decided that I will do a weekend hodgepodge to keep the cobwebs from forming.  Today i’m going to share with you the Facebook pictures that I’ve made over the past month (if you haven’t been to our facebook page, check us out at  I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.  If its a beautiful where you are as it is where I am, may I suggest some trigger time at the range.  A great fun way to spend some time with friends and family.



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