Weekend Hodgepodge

04 Nov

Another month has passed, so as I like to do I give you the past month of Facebook pictures that I have created.  With the election fast approaching and trying to get the most pro-gun congress elected to Washington I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to this as I would like so I only have a pair.  



You may recognize the model.  She is US Olympian Amanda Furrer.  My apologies to Larry Elder as I had mistakenly added an ‘s’ to his last name.



Now, this one with Mandela got a lot of negative buzz.  Apparently some people have clung to his criminal past and as such invalidate his later achievements.  I heard some really abhorrent things from people who painted Mandela as a monster who hates white people and wants to exterminate them.  To that, I just have to say that when Nelson Mandela was elected President he had the power to wipe out white South Africans from the country, either by genocide or by economically seizing everything from them.  There were many black South Africans who wanted him to do just that.  Mandela chose to bring the country together, learning from his criminal past that violence and retribution is not the way.

Regardless, I think that whatever you think of the man, the quote still is valid.

Finally, there is this gunfighters prayer.  I do not take credit for it.  It was tweeted from a soldier stationed in the middle east that GOA follows on twitter.




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