The Rundown of guns in the news

05 Nov
The Rundown of guns in the news

It seems that a lot of things are happening all at once in regards to firearms, most good others bad.  Here’s the rundown:

Cook County (within which Chicago lies) went forward and voted 9-7 to impose tax on firearms purchased within the County.  Somehow, the County Council tried to spin this off as a way to combat the 443 murders that have taken place so far in Chicago.  Of course these elected officials wouldn’t ever consider that maybe Chicago’s ridiculous and unconstitutional gun control measures are the problem in the first place.  No no, they prefer to tax law abiding citizens, which will most likely go into a slush fund that will pay for some non sense that has nothing to do with crime prevention.

I’m not a Republican, but it sure does sound like a fun time at the post election party the GOP of Alabama will be having.  They State GOP will hold their official election night party at Hoover Tactical Firearms in suburban Birmingham.  In attendance will be Miss Alabama Anna Laura Bryan to sing the National Anthem and former Miss Alabama Amie Beth Dickinson Shaver who will be Mistress of Ceremonies.

In Montana, legislation is being pushed to allow firearms to be carried on campuses within that state.  Currently, the Board of Regents of each University can dictate whether to prohibit or allow firearms to be carried on campus.  Once again, Constitutional Rights are being delegated to a bureaucracy to see them infringed.  I hope that the Kern’s legislation, that seeks to abolish such criminal friendly zones, goes through and Montana joins states like Colorado, Utah and Oregon that do not allow Universities to make defenseless victims of their students.

His Mayor-ness once again puts his own highfalutin autocratic ways above the safety of his subjects.  Dictating that only his own personal police force will be armed during the wake of the Hurricane Sandy disaster, Bloomberg has denied entry to the National Guard who sought to bring aid and security to the unarmed masses of the City.


I think Bloomberg has finally lost his damn mind.  He thinks he actually is a king and that the peasant class is beneath him so why should he help them.  People are looting and killing and since Bloomberg has all ready made it so difficult for his serfs to be armed they suffer at the whims of criminals.  When the National Guard arrived to help restore order and help victims Bloomberg told them to stay out.  At a press conference he stated:

“We don’t need it, the NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

Read into that; if it’s between Bloomberg not being in control or the people of New York suffering his Mayor-ness will choose their suffering.  He will not relinquish any control and the benefit of the people of New York be damned. You see, Bloomberg can fire a cop or pressure a chief to do his bidding.  He cannot run roughshod over a Colonel or General.  Bloomberg is an egotistical and narcissistic madman.  But, New Yorkers did vote him in so, not to be harsh, the way Bloomberg has dismissed the needs of New Yorkers in wake of Hurricane Sandy (initially going forward with the Marathon, refusing help from outside) is a powerful reminder that you reap what you sow.

But hold on to hope New Yorkers…Mayor Bloomberg is in his final year of his term…unless of course he changes the rules again and allows himself to run past the term limits.  Either way…vote better next time.

Speaking of voting…I have decided to give a prediction of how the Presidential election will turn out.  Now, I could tell you that I expect a landslide, a nail biter, a tie.  I could spit out electoral numbers and suppositions to back my claims.  But, as educated readers I am sure you have seen numerous evidence regarding election numbers thus far.

With that being said…I am going to use a youtube clip to encapsulate how I feel this election will go.  A couple of things before you watch it.

In this dramatization, Romney is the guy in the black hat and Obama is the guy in the White hat.  They are surrounded by the bias liberal media.

In the dialogue replace “Green Beret Karate Tricks against all these boys” with “Sound Business experience against all these liberal media pundits”

Replace “Indian” with “Mormon”

And there you have it, life will imitate art tomorrow.  Enjoy

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One response to “The Rundown of guns in the news

  1. Tony Oliva

    November 6, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    I guess my Billy Jack metaphor fell flat when faced with reality. I fear not only for the next four years, but the next 40 depending on the Supreme Court Justices that will be appointed in the next term.


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