Weekend Hodgepodge – How “under the radar” works and why Ron Paul is right

10 Nov
Weekend Hodgepodge – How “under the radar” works and why Ron Paul is right

The attack on Liberty and Freedom is not always done in broad strokes and by crusading socialists and statists.  Often times it is done in a clandestine manner which makes it all the more nefarious.  The UN Arms Trade Treaty is one example of how Obama would use this under the radar method to further is gun control agenda and the appointment of gun control judges like Sotomayor and Kagan is another.

But even these actions are seen by people, whether they choose to believe or can even see the slippery slope to the loss of rights or not is up to them, but they can see it.

But to understand what an example of “under the radar” TRULY means, one simply need only look at the linchpin of what Ron Paul has been espousing for years.  Namely the Federal Reserve and the un-American and unconstitutional nature of it..

Below is an animated short that is as enjoyable as it is educational.  Seeing as it’s the weekend I encourage you to take the time and give it a look.  I know business majors who have spent years in college who didn’t get so thorough of an understanding about how our freedom is truly undermined by such an organization.  Below the clip I continue on with some points of the matter but its better to watch the clip first:


First off, I think the production value is fantastic.

But lets get on to the important points.  First, those truly were Thomas Jefferson’s words. They were in a letter written to Samuel Kercheval in 1816 and John Norvell in 1807.

Andrew Jackson did indeed, while on his deathbed being asked of his greatest accomplishment respond with “I…Killed…the Bank”.  While not his LAST words, they were among them.  His actually last words were to his family to be good and he’ll see them all in heaven.  He did say to the bank “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, I will rout you out!” and he did just that.

John F Kennedy did sign executive order 11110.  Whether that led to his death 6 months later is up to conjecture but that is a whole other issue.

Remember “Too big to fail”, yep.  That happened too.

This is what “under the radar” looks like.  Much like the Bank did in its first two incarnations, they were out in the open and the public was aware. They were brought down by brave men willing to stand up for what is right and took them down.

Just like when major gun control legislation was out in the open, like in 1994 with the Assault Weapons ban, Patriots stood up and voted the guilty out of office in a wave.

The bank learned the best way to do things is by the hidden hand.  Rename themselves the Federal Reserve.  How many people think that the Fed is a part of the government?  Did you?

So too will the gun control movement evolve.  They will say measures are needed for the children…to fight terrorism…to combat gun running.  They will name it something innocuous that, by its name alone, would incline acceptance…something like the “Patriot Act” and the UN Arms Trade Treaty…not the “Rights limiting act” or the UN Global Gun Control Treaty.

This is what under the radar looks like.  And if you didn’t know about the Fed until you read this, then you understand how effective it can be.

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One response to “Weekend Hodgepodge – How “under the radar” works and why Ron Paul is right

  1. NoGuff

    November 10, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    The bank that was “killed” was a state bank, a national bank. Loser countries and dictatorships and Socialist/Communist countries have state banks. The Federal Reserve is a group of private banks. We have a private economy, not a state economy. That’s why we have the Federal Reserve.


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