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How my 1 year old nephew reminded me of gun control zealots

How my 1 year old nephew reminded me of gun control zealots

While spending Christmas with family I had the chance to observe my nephew (who is 11 months old) at play.  Watching him reminded me of the maturity level and well versed opinions of the majority of gun control zealots.

We were playing with blocks and all he wanted to knock down the towers no matter how well they were made or how strong their foundation.  He just didn’t like the look of any tower that was made by his mom or me and as such he dictated that they must be utterly destroyed.

Much like the rabid gun control zealots like Dianne Feinstein.  She wants to ban all guns, regardless of the constitutional protections provided, based on her own sense of being the center of the universe and the fact that she doesn’t like the look of them, much like my young nephew.  At least he’s under a year old and has an excuse.  Sen. Feinstein is 79 years old.  You would think she would have learned something about being less self centered in all those years.

Also, at least my nephew wasn’t a hypocrite and only wanted towers for himself.  He just didn’t want ANY towers built.  I doubt Feinstein on the other hand, on top of being a CCW permit holder, is going to forgo armed security for herself or her family.  I guess when you think you are privileged like Feinstein believes, you and your family are just more important than those of “regular” people.

This hypocrisy seems to extend to gun control zealots in general as I doubt that David Gregory or President Obama will call off the armed guards who protect their children while at school.  Even as they mock the suggestion that armed guards at “regular” schools as silly.

Hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t say that my nephew acts like gun control zealots.  He lacks the hypocrisy found in the gun control movement and he doesn’t whine or cry nearly as much as they do.  Though when he drops a boom boom in his diapers it does smell like their policies suggestions.

If you want to join the fight against the gun control toddlers that want to knock down the Constitution like it were a tower of blocks they don’t like, join today.

For the rest of the year, when you enter the code: tony2012 when purchasing an annual membership you will get 25% off.  My Christmas present to you for being faithful readers.  Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

You can make the purchase here:


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Talk about a strawman

Talk about a strawman

We often hear about “strawman” purchases when gun control is discussed but what about the strawman arguments that the gun control crowd likes to put forth.

Basically, the gun control zealots prefer to use the gun as the strawman and not the root of the problem.  Often times it is mental illness.  The state of mental illness treatment in America is appalling and until we get a handle on that, tragedies will continue to happen regardless of what gun control measures are passed.

Crazy guy on a subway platform pushes people on the tracks in front of an oncoming train.

Knife rampage by someone suffering a psychotic break.

Social outcast makes bomb out of fertilizer and household project and detonates in a crowd.

These things can and have happened and will continue to happen unless our country wants to come together and pass some real solutions to violence in America.

Why isn’t there a registry for the psychologically disturbed that can be checked when a person is purchasing a firearm?

Because the ACLU wants to protect the civil liberties of people with dangerous psychological defects rather than protect children.

Yet liberal rags like The Journal News in New York has no qualms about publishing the home addresses of those people with a pistol permit in their county.  Not only a list, but an interactive map that will give you directions to their house.  Not only is this a gross infringement upon the privacy of law abiding citizens but the paper seeks to try and ostracize these people in their own communities.

For myself, everyone I know in Pittsburgh knows I am a gun guy and that I carry and if they have a problem with that I could care less as I would simply stop associating with them.  Yet I do not expect my level of comfort in dealing with this issue within my sphere to expand to other gun owners.  The Journal News would seek to make these people into pariahs.  It’s an underhanded and pathetic move by a paper that hides behind the First Amendment while trying to extort those who exercise their Second.

So instead of attacking gun owners and trying to make them feel like THEY’VE done something wrong, how about we have a real conversation about what we are going to do with the utter failure of the Mental Health Industry in regards to stopping these tragedies.

While we are looking for real answers, lets also take a look at the recidivism of criminals we let out of jail.

In Webster, New York a man set fire to a building and when the fire department showed up he shot 4 firefighters, killing 2.  Now the gun control zealots are out in force saying that New York needs stricter gun control.  NEW YORK?!?!

None of these gun control zealots are bringing up the fact that this man, who beat his grandmother to death with a hammer, shouldn’t have been out of jail in the first place.

Those firefighters are dead, not because of a gun, but because of a weak willed judicial system that let a man who beat his grandmother to death with a HAMMER, out of jail after only 17 years.

This psychopath left a note behind saying that he was going to die doing what he does best, “killing people”.  So not only do we have this lunatic slip through the cracks of our mental healthcare system, but also was given a pass on serving the rest of his life behind bars after bludgeoning his grandmother to death with a hammer.

As you may have noticed, I repeated the fact that he killed of his grandmother to death by beating her with a hammer, a number of times.  I do this so that you can conceptualize why this guy might not have been worthy of being released from prison let alone being pinned as a person with a mental disorder.

But no…liberal organizations like the ACLU and rabid gun control zealots want to protect the dangerously deranged and use the gun as a strawman.  They push their own agenda at the expense of innocent children and for them to say otherwise is as duplicitous as it is disgusting.

People want to have a conversation about gun violence and preventing tragedies like Newtown from happening again?  Fine.  That conversation begins with how this country will fix mental healthcare and lower the recidivism of criminals.  Any talk about guns is a strawman argument used by morally contemptible people who want to push their own agenda at the cost of innocent lives.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends,

Grant me the opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.  Beyond the gift giving and the stockings stuffed with care, let us take this time to be good to one another and embrace the spirit of the holiday.  Peace on Earth, good will toward your fellow man.

And let us keep in our hearts those who will be far from home this Christmas.  Soliders and sailors and Marines who are on duty, with rifle in hand, willing to do violence on our behalf so that we may celebrate with our families in peace.

In this upcoming year let us hope, though the days are short and dark, that it is always darkest before the dawn.  That this great country of ours will once again find its way into the light and will keep the wolves at bay.

That this land, with its soldiers abroad and patriots at home, will continue to be the land of the free and home of the brave.  That we may serve the Lord if it is our choosing but be subject to no man.   That our right to freedom and liberty be not infringed by those who would see us thusly diminished.

May we always be armed against evil, and that if evil strikes out that it only knows, at most, small and fleeting victory before it is cut down by the righteous who would defend against it.

But for today, let us put the thoughts of evil aside and embrace the love of our friends and family, those present, abroad and those who have gone to their final reward.

From to me and mine, to you and yours: Merry Christmas to all.



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Jesus wasn’t against bearing arms


Seeing how it is Christmas Eve, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the good book and what Jesus had to say about the use of arms.

Now, a lot of people out there want to paint Jesus as some long haired hippie peacenik who was all about turning the other cheek.

While it is true that He spoke of turning the other cheek, that was in regards to turning from vengeance and not that one should abandon the defense of oneself.  To turn the other cheek from small slights but not to suffer grievous wounds a second time.  Jesus never expected us to walk around like lambs waiting to be slaughtered by wolves.

What he taught us was that we shouldn’t go looking for trouble, that we shouldn’t strike out with hatred in our hearts or vengeance in our mind.  That we shouldn’t be the aggressors.  But that does not mean we should roll over and allow evil to befall us.

So what did Jesus say about defending oneself?

In the Book of Luke, Chapter 22 verse 36, Jesus told his disciples that:

“He that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his bag: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

Sell the shirt of your back if necessary…but make sure you are armed.  That’s the Gospel right there.  As we remember His birth this Christmas season, let us not forget his words.

And don’t go thinking that being “meek” means that one needs to go around like a pacifist punching bag for others to beat upon.  Meek, in its older (now obsolete) definition, means gentle or kind.  So if you are looking to inherit the Earth, be kind, be giving and charitable, gentle your condition.  Not just around the Holiday’s but all year round.

In the same time, do not be a pushover, do not let evil befall you because you are not prepared.

Even Jesus used violence when faced with evil in order to put an end to it.  When the temple in Jerusalem was turned into a marketplace and filled with moneylenders, and the like, desecrating the sanctity of His fathers house, Jesus took a whip and drove the animals from the market.  He overturned tables and scattered the coins.

Jesus wasn’t a pushover and he never intended for us to be as well.

But as He also said, “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”; turn away from corruption and using violence for your own gains.  From highwaymen of the old west, to mobsters of the 20’s and gangbangers of today; to build your life upon violence is surely a way to end it in violence.

But to have a sword ready to turn back evil is no sin.

The sin falls upon anyone who would try to deny the ability of another to defend themselves from the evil in the world and thereby making them slaves to the whims of evil men.

During the Christmas and the Holiday Season be as lambs to each other and lions to those with malice in their hearts who would dare harm you and yours.

Merry Christmas to all!


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It’s the end of the world as we know it…if gun grabbers have their way

It’s the end of the world as we know it…if gun grabbers have their way

Never a group to let a tragedy go to waste when they can exploit the blood of innocents for their own purposes, rabid anti gun zealots have been coming out of the woodwork recently to promote their agenda on the backs of 20 innocent children.

Firstly we will start with the President.  The President who so many have defending in regards to the Second Amendment by saying he didn’t try to pass gun control in his first term so he must be pro gun.

Oh, those naive fools.  How many times did I tell them that when a politician has to face a re-election he will LIE in order to get re-elected and if he doesn’t have another election then his true colors will show.  I detailed his statements and actions for the passed 20 years yet they only listened to his words from the last 8 months (minus that little “we need an assault weapons ban” slip in the debate).

But here we are.  Obama doesn’t have to placate anyone anymore.  He can do what he likes, and what he likes is GUN CONTROL.  Actually, considering he runs the office of President the way third world dictators run their country, it’s more that he likes CONTROL and guns are the last hurdle for him in regards to control.

Obama asked gun control supporters to help pass laws banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips and requiring background checks for all gun purchases.

Yep…he wants your guns.  If only someone had tried to tell you Obama gun owners that…hmmmm…

But its not just from the top.  Galvanized like ghouls bathed in blood, the stalwarts of gun control have oozed to the forefront of the conversation looking to push their agenda of the back of tragedy.

Dianne Feinstein has once again vowed to reintroduce a Federal Assault Wepaons Ban.  She claims its “for the children” but her insincerity is palpable seeing how CT all ready had an AWB in place and it did nothing to prevent the tragedy at Newtown. She is just a gun control hack, and now she sees an opportunity to move forward with it.

I’m not surprised by Feinstein’s actions, it’s just her modus opperandi.  What does surprise me is some of the other names who are joining the gun control hysteria.

Namely the Democratic Senators from Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Bob Casey and Joe Manchin have long espoused their pro gun stances, though when push came to shove they were never very reliable.  But at least they would give enough lip service to get the support of gun owners in their states to get elected.

But now?  Bob Casey has come out and said he will vote in favor of a federal assault weapons ban.

Joe Manchin is trying to have his cake and eat it too.  When he intially spoke out after the Newtown shooting, many took his comments as supporting gun bans.  After enough flak he “clarified” by stating he is “pushing for a discussion not a ban”.

What discussion?  We’ve been having a discussion since at least 1994.  Just because the gun control zealots don’t like the discussion because its full of facts, logic and statistics doesn’t mean we haven’t had it.  Just because gun control zealots can’t defend the fact that Gun Free Zones allow for massacres to take place, that the AWB of 1994 produced no change in crime nor did its repeal increase crime, and that the states with less laws controlling guns have a lower crime rate than oppressive states; just because the zealots don’t like the conversation doesn’t mean they are allowed to say we haven’t had it.

Unless, their idea of a “conversation” is a way to twist public sentiment with a tragedy for a complete gun ban.

But this gun ban frenzy is trickling down to the state and local level as well.

A freshman state senator from Maryland, Brian Frosh, is leading state efforts for banning guns.  Included is an assault weapons ban that would make illegal 45 guns, a handgun ban in public places, bars and places of worship and a reduction of clip sizes.

While similar measures have failed to pass before, Frosh (echoing Manchin) has said that the terms of the gun control debate has changed.

In other words, Frosh will use a isolated tragedy to push for an agenda that has failed a number of times before.  All under the auspices of “the children”

Frosh states:

“The message from the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut is clear. We must act now to protect our children, our families and our communities.”

I guess Frosh feels that by replicating the environment that caused the massacre in the first place (bans for law abiding, GFZ’s etc) that will somehow improve things.

But while one can see how a state like Maryland may get behind this, even in places like New Hampshire, the “Live Free of Die” state, has looked to curtail that freedom.

A New Hampshire House committee has voted in favor of a ban on carrying guns on the House floor, gallery and adjacent areas.

These are just the some of the actions that are getting cobbled together before the Holidays.  The worst is yet to come no doubt.  I haven’t even broached what might happen if Obama gets the chance to replace one of the Heller 5 on the Supreme Court with another two faced, lip service giving, anti gun justice like Sotomayor.

If a portion of these measures are passed, then it will be the end of the world in which there is a Constitutionally enumerated personal right to keep and bear arms.

Join us in the fight to ensure that never happens.



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Companies knee jerk reaction to gun control hysteria

Companies knee jerk reaction to gun control hysteria

There are several corporations and companies that have decided that they will kow tow to the vocal hysteria of the gun control zealots.

Dick’s Sporting goods will no longer be selling sporting rifles at their locations.

Wal-Mart, while saying they will not be changing their inventory has removed the Bushmaster AR-15 from its website. has halted online sales of guns

Even non gun grabbing politicians are backing away from pro gun legislation.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder picked political expediency over common sense by vetoing a bill that, if enacted in Connecticut, may have saved a number of lives.   The bill would have gotten rid of schools illusionary gun free zone status, thereby not disarming law abiding citizens and teachers from carrying on school grounds.  Considering that criminals and lunatics don’t adhere to the GFZ to begin with, how vetoing this bill does anything for the safety of the children is beyond me.

The worst offender I discovered is the Discovery Channel.  The Discovery Channel has cancelled 2 popular television shows due to the fear of backlash.  The shows are “American Guns“, about a family of Colorado gun smiths and Ted Nugents “Gun Country“. With Sons of Guns being on the chopping block.  Discovery seems to be trying to stagger the announcements of each show as to give off the appearance that they aren’t targeting gun related shows.

Discovery Channels craven and cowardly cave in to gun control zealots both here and abroad is one thing.  The message they send based on there other programming is appalling though.  I took a look at some of their other programs and the fact that Discovery will cancel gun shows because they are viewed as a bad influence on American culture gives de facto credence to the shows that are not cancelled being good for American culture.

Shows like Amish Mafia and Bootleggers.

So, promoting criminal activity is fine for Discovery Channel but shows about the exercising and enjoyment of a Constitutionally enumerated right is beyond the pale?

These companies should be shunned so that they realize that their knee jerk reactions have consequences and that if they will not support our rights than we should not support them.  Let the foaming at the mouth rabid gun control crowd have their sign toting protests and hurl vitriol as they are wont to do.  I protest with my wallet and if Dicks Sporting Goods doesn’t want my money I am sure to find another store who will.

If Rick Snyder will not stand tough to do what is right, I hope the voters of Michigan remember that during the next election.

And if Discovery Channel believes in promoting Amish Mafia and bootlegging instead of legal pursuits like firearm manufacturing than I don’t really need to give them my viewership.

Perhaps when the companies that have turned their backs on the 2nd Amendment see the amount of money they are losing they will reconsider their decisions.  Though that doesn’t mean I am prone to reconsider mine.


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Massacre that wasn’t due to an armed Principal

Massacre that wasn’t due to an armed Principal

Mayor Bloomberg claims that he doesn’t know what good a gun would do in stopping a school shooting.  Allow me to remind him of Pearl High School and a would be massacre that occurred on Dec. 17, 1997.  “Would-be” being the operative term.

Bookish and overweight, a 16 year old kills his mother with a butcher knife, puts on a trench coat, hides his .30-30 rifle under it and drives to school.  Upon arriving in the parking lot he opens fire killing two and injuring others.

He would have continued his killing spree, killing countless others, until hero assistant Principal Joel Myrick heard the shots and ran to his truck. He unlocked the door, removed his gun from its case, removed a round of bullets from another case, loaded the gun and went looking for the killer. “I’ve always kept a gun in the truck just in case something like this ever happened,” said Myrick.

The shooter, surprised that anyone would be armed and that his life might actually be in danger, tries to talk to Myrick but eventually drops to the ground and is subdued until police arrive.

This just strengthens my argument that mass shooters, by and large, are cowards and that is why they go to gun free zones.  They do not need to fear an unarmed population.  But the minute someone steps up to confront them with a firearm (be they police or a lawful citizen) they cower and either give up, flee, or kill themselves.

Chances are you never heard of Joel Myrick.  Most periodicals that ran the story at the time, just wrote as little as they could about him.  It is as if the press only grudgingly acknowledged his role.  An armed principal stopping a school shooting?  Nonsense, according to gun control zealots and their media accomplices that just never happens.

I am sure there are dozens of people who are alive today thanks to the heroism of Joel Myrick.  The shooter, upon his arrest admitted that after he was done shooting up the high school he was going to make his way to the Junior high and continue his rampage.  That was before an armed principal stopped the carnage in its tracks.

But for the media and ghouls like Bloomberg who feed their agenda with tragedy, such things apparently never happen.


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I guess stopping a shooting spree doesn’t make you a hero

I guess stopping a shooting spree doesn’t make you a hero

Or at least that is what the press would have us believe.

The anti gun media, with their sensationalism will go on and on about how unarmed people acted bravely as they died at the hands of a lunatic, but nary a word about an armed person stopping a massacre before it barely begun.

I’m speaking of the actions displayed by Nick Meli.  Actions that gun control zealots and the media would have you believe didn’t exist.  You see, before the Gun Free Zone facilitated 27 murders in Newtown Connecticut, there was an attempted mass murder clear across the country in Portland Oregon.

A masked man stormed into the Clackamas Mall and opened fire, killing 2 and injuring 1.  The shooter had no intentions of stopping.  That is when Nick Meli made his move, drew his concealed pistol and lined the shooter up in his sights.

As with many of these rampage shooters, they are cowards.  They will cull unarmed sheep, but when they find any resistance  or have to look down the barrel f a gun themselves, their cowardice is revealed and they often times flee or shoot themselves.

In this case, it was the latter.  Nick Meli didn’t fall into the caricature that gun control crowd draw of gun owners. He didn’t launch a salvo of bullets at the killer, he didn’t think himself some vigilante praying to use his gun.  He was a guy just trying to help.

He saw that there was people behind his target and that if he missed he may hit them.  He positioned himself in a store and waited for his shot.  The killer opted to take his own life. Nick Meli saved countless lives that day.  But apparently, that isn’t sexy enough for the national media.

And in ignorance and a bit of outlandish blind eye turning, the gun control zealots do not even allow that such a thing as using a gun to stop a mass murder is possible.  Not only is it possible, but it happens, yet unless you live near and hear it on the local news, you would be led to believe that such things are a fantasy of gun rights activists.

I’m don’t want to take away any praise for a teacher who saved her students by shielding them, but why do we only praise unarmed victims who have to die for the propagation of Gun Free Zones?  Why can we not also praise the good Samaritan, who was armed with a gun, who not only lived, but saved dozens (if not hundreds) of lives himself?

Pompous blowhards like Bloomberg contend that having a gun when someone is on a murder spree will have no benefit.  Perhaps Bloomberg doesn’t view saving the lives of children at the cost of his own agenda as a benefit…but I do.

What can one sheep dog do when a wolf descends?  More than the sheep can do alone.


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Rabid Gun Control Zealots Descend Upon Tragedy

Rabid Gun Control Zealots Descend Upon Tragedy

I was on a plane for most of Friday.  I heard about the CT school shooting while talking to some fellow travelers in Chicago’s Midway Airport.  Out of respect for the victims I wanted to give it a few days before I broached any political topics in regards to the shooting at Newtown Elementary School in CT.

Of course, like a pack of rabid dogs the gun control zealots descended upon the tragedy and while traipsing over the still warm bodies of children, called for the utter elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

They do not highlight that the shooter was a sociopath.

They do not highlight that he stole the guns.

They do not highlight that CT has strict gun regulations and an assault weapons ban.

No, the demonize his tool for his actions.  In truth, to hear some of them talk, it was the guns fault that he committed this heinous act.  THEY ARE MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM.

My fury and contempt for these sniveling gun grabbing cowards has been stoked.  How dare they, these pathetic examples of Americans, try to mitigate the fault laid at Adam Lanza’s feet?

I do not want this to become an angry rant, but I cannot help recall in Shakespeare’s  Henry V, when the unarmed boys of the baggage were killed by the French in cowardly knavery, Henry responds:

I was not angry since I came to France, Until this instant.

And I was not angry at the gun grabbers until now.  They were always craven and cowardly in my eyes, but I felt that a response to ignorance and naivete.  But now?  How dare they?  They would blame an inanimate object and by thus try to lessen the guilt of the murderer.

And not only lessening his guilt but by trying to rake the killers mother, his first victim, over the coals by painting her as an extremist and kook.  They want the public to feel sorry for Adam Lanza ‘the killer of children’, because if they do, then they can look for scapegoats.  And the Schumbers, Bloombergs and Feinsteins of the world are chomping at the bit to name that scapegoat…firearms and those who have them.

Before the little bodies of the children were cold, these “Champions of Gun Control” were on the air, paying lip service to the victims while reveling in the opportunity to “tip the scales” in favor of banning guns.

With Schumer giddy about the idea of tipping the scales, Feinstein wasted no time in promising that she will introduce an assault weapons ban immediately upon the beginning of the next congress.

Bloomberg, the ghoul of gun control, who has never let a tragedy go by that he doesn’t insinuate himself into, has gone so far as saying he has a gun control wish list that Obama should adhere to and then absurdly claims that these types of tragedies only happen in America.  Apparently, we annexed Norway when I wasn’t looking.

Of course, these slimy opportunists are trying to give America the Kansas City Shuffle because their real agenda is not, “common sense” gun laws, because Connecticut had these “common sense” gun laws AND an assault weapons ban.

The school was a gun free zone and there is a waiting period to purchase firearms.

Adam Lanza, was 20 years old and he stole the firearms he used.  Any gun control measure short of an absolute ban would not have stopped this tragedy and even then, since Prohibition and the War on Drugs worked so well, why do people believe a ban on guns would be any better?

But that is what these rabid zealots want.  They lull in people with buzz words like “common sense” and stoke the fire of fear with straw men terms like “assault weapon” but the fact of the matter is, they are ghouls who will use the dead in order to advance their agenda.  An agenda that has utterly failed 20 children in Connecticut

Blood runs in the streets because gun free zones deny the right to the lawful…the criminals and the insane care not.

I agree that there should be a discussion.  The discussion should be about how to eliminate gun free zones so tragedies like this can be mitigated.

The only politician I have heard that has the character and courage to face the blistering attacks by the zealots and their complicit media allies is Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert who said that an armed Principal could have made all the difference.

“I wish to God (the principal) had had an M4 in her office, locked up, so when she heard gunfire she pulls it out … and takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids,”

How many more innocent lives must be sacrificed for the illusion of a “Gun Free Zone”?  Tell me again how criminals and lunatics follow the rules.

And the gun banners like Schumer, Feinstein and Bloomberg make suggestions that would not have prevented this tragedy.  Rep. Gohmert is the only person I have heard of that is suggesting something that might help.

Once again, CT has an assault weapons ban.  So Feinstein trying to renew an AWB is her own pet project that she is disingenuously trying to launch of the backs of 20 innocent souls.  Her selfishness is sickening.

As I have said, I am angry.  Angry at the lunatic who murdered these innocent children and their teachers and if possible, angrier still at those cowardly bastards who would excuse his behavior in order to advance their own agenda.

The tragedy at Newtown can be laid directly at the feet of Gun Control. And if the gun control zealots have their way…blood will run in the gun free streets.


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Florida loophole fear mongering debunked

Florida loophole fear mongering debunked

Despite what rabid pittbull AG-elect Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania might have you believe, there is no threat from the “Florida loop hole” that Bloomberg generated as a straw man.

For those of you who may not be aware, citizens of states in which they are arbitrarily rejected for a carry permit (without good cause) have a back up option in applying for a Florida carry permit.  This is of great help to those who live in may-issue states or cities that make it difficult to get a permit (such as Philadelphia) in which the issuing officer may be a gun control zealot.

Plus, the Florida permit is recognized in 33 states.

The gun control zealots and foaming attack dogs like Kathleen Kane would have you believe that serial killers are being denied gun permits in their home states and then are flocking to Florida in order to get a permit in which they have to qualify with their weapon by shooting baby otters while high on cocaine.

The fact of the matter is that Florida still runs background checks and probably does it more thoroughly than other states.  ESPECIALLY may issue states.  Florida wants to be thorough because they cannot stop a law abiding citizen from getting a CCW so they want to make sure that said person is law abiding.

This is what qualifies a person for a Florida CCW:

Who Is Eligible To Be Licensed?

A person who meets the following minimum
eligibility requirements can obtain a license:

• You must be a United States citizen or a
permanent legal resident alien.
• You must currently reside in the United
• You must be 21 years of age or older.
• You must be able to demonstrate competency
with a firearm.

Who Is NOT Eligible?

There are several disqualifying conditions that
will result in the ineligibility of the applicant and the
denial of the application. Possible reasons for denial
include the following:

• The physical inability to handle a firearm
• A felony conviction (unless civil and firearm
rights have been restored by the convicting
• Having adjudication withheld or sentence
suspended on a felony or misdemeanor crime
of violence unless three years have elapsed
since probation or other conditions set by the
court have been fulfilled.
• A conviction for a violent crime in the last
three years, either misdemeanor or felony.
• A conviction for violation of controlled
substance laws or multiple arrests for such
• A record of drug or alcohol abuse.
• Two or more DUI convictions within the
previous 3 years.
• Being committed to a mental institution or
adjudged incompetent or mentally defective.
• Failing to provide proof of proficiency with a
• Having been issued a domestic violence
injunction or an injunction against repeat
violence that is currently in force.
• Renunciation of U.S. citizenship.
• A dishonorable discharge from the armed
• Being a fugitive from justice

SO…in order to get a CCW from Florida you have to pass ALL of these requirements, stricter than many states including Kathleen Kane’s Pennsylvania.  My question is, if a person can pass muster and come up with a clean background check and doesn’t have any of the reasons for disqualification, why were they denied in their home state?

That’s simple, the rabid gun control zealots of their home state don’t want people to exercise their second amendment rights so they arbitrarily deny these people.  Then the foaming at the mouth zealots get affronted that the peons would DARE seek out a more reasonable clime for which to get a permit.

To even further debunk Ms. Kane’s virulent attack on people’s rights, Florida has had to revoke an infinitesimal .3% of its permits for one reason or another.  That’s not 3%…that’s three tenths of one percent.

In 25 years the state of Florida has issued 2.3 million carry permits.  Out of all these permits issued only about 7,200 have needed to be rescinded.

2,300,000 issued

7,244 revoked

3/10 of 1 percent.

But try telling that to fanatical mouth foamers like Kathleen Kane and you will be ignored because it’s not about facts or truth or rights, but rather pushing her and her puppet master Bloomberg’s radical anti gun agenda.  The reason the so called “Florida loophole” angers them so is because it shows that people are being denied in states that shouldn’t be denied.  It’s an affront on their power to control the people they view as subjects.

Florida Loophole?  Only if you think legally exercising your rights against tyranny is a loophole…oh wait…that’s exactly what Kane and Bloomberg think a loophole is.


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And then there were none

And then there were none

The Illinois handgun carry ban has been struck down by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Illinois was the lone hold out banning its citizens from carrying firearms away from their homes.  I wanted to take a day and let some of the dust settle before I took a critical look at what this actually means.

First of all, by no means is this a BAD thing.  So don’t think that just because it seems like I am not doing back flips it means I think the court ruling was a negative.  The court ruled that banning the carrying of a weapon is unconstitutional, and that’s good.

The problem is, that unless the opponents of personal defensive carry fight on to the Supreme Court, this ruling will only have limited reach.

What do I mean by that?  Well, let’s look at what roadblocks that Illinois, and by that I mean Chicago, will try to throw up in order to derail and undermine the spirit of this ruling.

You have a Governor who tried to ban so called assault weapons by fiat.  You have a legislature that tried to levy a luxury tax on bullets and successful passed a punitive tax on firearms.  And you have the biggest city in the state a den of thugs and vipers who tend to use Constitution to wipe their butts after they’re done taking a dump on the rights of citizens.

This is not necessarily the ideal situation to see a great deal of pro gun carry legislation passed into law.

What I am afraid to see happen is that, much like Hawaii, Illinois will pass may issue and then just refuse to issue to anyone.  Though with the size and diversity of Illinois it may be more of a may issue situation like Maryland that it is difficult to impossible in some parts of the state to get a permit, and relatively easier in others.

If given the freedom, Chicago will most likely follow New York City’s example and give permits via cronyism, where only the connected, rich or famous are issued permits.  When crime doesn’t go down in Chicago, gun control advocates will claim that the carry legislation has done nothing for crime, though will fail to point out that their law abiding citizens are still unarmed and that the criminals are not getting CCW’s in the first place.

The courts gave the state 180 days to come up with legislation to enact a carry system.  Outside of that they gave them very little direction to go on.  So the state legislature may still come up with the harshest, most cost prohibitive and arbitrary permitting system to which all but keeps a de facto ban in place.

Listening to  Barbara Flynn Currie, the House Majority Leader and a longtime gun control advocate, I think that is exactly what she has in mind.  Currie spoke out after the ruling:

“I expect a battle, the proponents of concealed carry have not yet carried the day.”

Not yet carried the day?  Them’s are fightin words.  Currie seems set to dig her heels in and stop any sensible legislation.

But with this ruling, perhaps the pendulum has swung enough that it won’t matter how big of a petulant hissy fit Currie and other gun control zealots throw.  They have been so unreasonable for so long, perhaps they have marginalized themselves out of a position of influence.

I like what Richard Pearson, the executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, had to say:

“We bent over backwards before and tried to accommodate everybody, and they just threw it in the garbage. Maybe we won’t be so accommodating now.”

Hear hear.  Nor should they be accommodating.  The inception of carry legislation holds the most potential.  Proponents must shoot for the moon (pun) and try to get the most initially.  It will be harder to expand carry rules after they are initially set because the gun control crowd will always say “but you have enough all ready”, “blood in the streets”, “the children” etc etc etc.

Even in pro gun states like Florida and Texas, they haven’t been able to pass Open Carry after numerous attempts because “it’s fine the way it is”.  I say poppycock to that, infringement is never “fine”.

I don’t expect Illinois to pass constitutional carry right off the bat (if they did I would have to cup my ears because my mind would be BLOWN) but that should be the goal of every state that have people who believe in the constitution.  The closer you start to Constitutional Carry, the less you have to travel to get there.

It’s sad that, like a number of states, Illinois is a pretty conservative pro gun place, minus the one ugly boil of thuggery and oppression that festers therein…known as major cities.  New York has NYC, Pennsylvania has Philadelphia and Illinois has Chicago.  Hopefully, gun proponents within the state will stay strong and not cave to Chicago style politics.

It will be an interesting 6 months.  I have hope for the state, but in a place where the dead rise and vote often, nothing is guaranteed.  But who knows, maybe IL will become a shall issue, open carry, FFA state right off the bat.  Tis the seasons for miracles after all!

On a side note, the ruling in this case was 2-1.  That means there was a Judge who did NOT believe that the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to bear arms.

Considering the Supreme Court holds a single vote difference as well, let us hope that Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, and Alito are training, eating their vitamins and sayin their prayers, staying true to themselves and true to their country like all good Hulkamaniacs.  We need them to stick around until we have a president who will not sell out the 2nd Amendment under the radar.

Regardless of what the future holds, this is a good step.  Even if there are gun grabbing justices who would like to legislate from the bench and use the Constitution for toilet paper, so long as we keep winning cases and securing the right enumerated at our founding, we’re heading in the right direction.

Carry on Illinois!



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Christmas Shopping Ideas

Christmas Shopping Ideas

With Christmas 2 weeks away, many people may be looking for that last gift for their gun aficionado parent, child, girlfriend, spouse etc.  I thought I would take a moment to run down some ideas you might find of interest.

At 7X Leather  you can buy a variety of handmade quality leather products.  I personally have had my eye on this beauty for a while now:



It would be a great upgrade from the stretchy synthetic material on my repeater that I have now.

7X has a variety of other items from saddles to gun belts and holsters.  It may be a little late in the season for a custom job but he might have something for you in stock.

But don’t feel like you need to be pigeon holed into a gun accessory.  Perhaps the person you are buying for might want a firearm themed knick-knack such as

a bullet bottle opener



or .45 caliber wine charms



or for Fido, this bullet studded dog collar




Art connoisseur?  Fine Art America has a whole section on Firearm Art


Or, if you have a girl who enjoys a little glitter and glam with her gun, you could always give her AR-15 the Hello Kitty Treatment



Yes, this gun is real.  Done at Armory Airbrush

But it doesn’t have to be hello kitty or an AR-15.  Sometimes a simple new set of pistol grips can be like getting a whole new gun.

From the Punisher


to My Little Pony




Just throwing some ideas out there for ya.  Christmas shopping for the ones you love can be tough, you don’t want to just phone it in, so a thoughtful unique gift may be just the way to go.

On a side note, the aforementioned sites have not been used by me nor have I received any compensation for highlighting them.  It’s not an endorsement, just using them as an idea generator.  If you do purchase something from above, let me know who it comes out.


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I am not a hunter…but PETA makes me want to start

I am not a hunter…but PETA makes me want to start

For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis you know that I do not believe that the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with hunting.  The 2nd Amendment has to do with freedom and the defense of liberty.  And I get nervous when any politician starts a sentence with something like:

“I believe in the 2nd Amendment, the peoples right to hunt…”

But today we’ll stick with hunting and how PETA and other such whack job organizations are pushing me toward blasting Bambi’s head off.  Venison is delicious and my father and brother are hunters so I have tasted its delicious deliciousness before.

I just never felt the need to go out and get in touch with my inner Daniel Boone.  It’s not that I am squeamish about killing animals (though I draw the line at baby otters…they are just too adorable), most animals are meat and tasty ones at that.  I just have other things to do at 0-dark-30 than getting ready to traipse around the woods.

But PETA et al are trying their damnedest to make me get out there.

How?  By their complete and utter stupidity.  They act so high and mighty and arrogant about the whole thing while in truth they are a bunch of whack jobs who border (or cross) into being terrorists.  And I hate terrorists.

Rodney Coronado, proud animal rights arsonist and influential member of the Animal Liberation Front, received more than $70,000 from PETA in 1995 – the same year Coronado admitted in court to the arson of the Michigan State University research laboratory and spent 57 months in federal prison.

PETA also likes to attack Thanksgiving by equating your dog to a turkey in its push to brainwash kids into becoming Vegans.  No…seriously.

Then there are the outright lies that PETA propagates that ends up killing pets.

PETA’s “Animal Record” report for 2008, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2008, PeTA accepted 2,216 pets. Of the 2,216 animals, PeTA found adoptive homes for just seven pets. This brings the total animals killed by PeTA from July 1998 to December 2008 up to over 21,000.

“I often receive phone calls from frantic people who have surrendered their pets to PeTA with the understanding that PeTA will ‘find them a good home.’ Many of them are led to believe that the animals will be taken to a nearby shelter. Little do they know that the pets are killed in the PeTA van before they even pull away from the pet owner’s home.” — — Dana Cheek, Former Norfolk SPCA Director

Ingrid Newkirk has never denied this statement. In fact, she has stated that PeTA has never hid the fact that most animals are euthanized as a matter of policy.

Of course there is also the hypocrisy…the dirty dirty hypocrisy of it all.  Actress after actress wants to prance around in the PETA ad campaign saying they would rather be naked than wear fur.  Really?  You won’t wear fur?  Well, that might have been more of a statement if this was the roaring ’20’s but considering fur hasn’t be vogue for DECADES I really don’t see your empty statements as carrying much weight.  Here’s an idea, how about you go naked instead of wearing LEATHER?

What’s that I hear…deafening silence?  I thought so.  Wouldn’t want to interfere with your Birkenstocks.  Besides, cows are ugly but bunnies and foxes are cute.  PETPA…people for ethical treatment of pretty animals.

And then there are the claims of hunters being bad fathers.  I am speaking most directly abut PETA’s attack on Paul Ryan stating that he was the #1 Worst Father in America because he went hunting with his daughter.  PETA suggests that by teaching his daughter to hunt deer, he might be setting her up for a life of rage, possibly against humans.  Going so far as to use the gun controls favorite ploy of exploiting a tragedy to make a sweeping declaration against that which they oppose:

“How appalling to use your influence to desensitize your child to the suffering of others. In fact, the young people who have opened fire on their schoolmates–including 16-year-old Andrew Golden who, along with an accomplice, killed five people at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Ark., and 17-year-old T.J. Lane, who killed three people at Chardon High School near Cleveland earlier this year, had first expressed their love of hunting animals. In light of this fact alone, it seems grossly irresponsible to encourage a child to kill for ‘fun.'”

So PETA is made up of liars, hypocrites and terrorists.  I feel like I should fight back by killing and eating animals.  Turkeys, deer, ducks etc.  Just seems right.

But PETA is not the only one.  In the UK, animal rights activists are calling for shooting magazines to be listed as top-shelf magazines claiming they are “gun porn”.  Animal Aid is campaigning for newsagents to stop selling popular titles such as Shooting Times to readers under 18-years-old. The charity claimed the publications that show images of triumphant children “parading” the carcasses of deer and pheasant are “sick”.

Yeah…because tens of thousands of years of nature, where humans hunted and killed animals to eat is somehow sick.  And don’t get me started about “parading” it in the magazines, as I recall there are quite a few cave paintings showing the same thing.  In fact, I would say that the topic of hunting its the longest running periodical in history.

Then there are the people who make me want to eat whale meat more than I thought was ever possible.  I mean, I love whales and I don’t believe they should be hunted but after stomaching enough of the reality tv show Whale Wars, I just wanted to swing by Japan and order up some big ole Whale steaks and toss them one the grill.

For those of you who are unaware of these self righteous blowhards, the Whale War crew is led by canadian terrorist Paul Watson.  A guy so radical that Greenpeace kicked him out.  Basically, Watson and his nautical terrorist cells have boats and go down to the Southern Ocean and attack Japanese whaling ships.

Now, I am not naive to buy into the Japanese notion that they are solely doing research (the loophole that lets them harvest whales) but with all the self importance and arrogance that the crews of Watsons small armada pontificate on, it makes me wish for their failure.  And as such, their failure means whales being killed and harvested.

The terrorist acts that Watson and his terror cells commit include illegally boarding Japanese vessels, ramming the Japanese ships, tossing butyric acid at the whalers and attempting to disable the ships and leaving Japanese ships stranded on the shores of icy Antarctica.

And to hear how these eco-terrorists cry and whine when the Japanese dare defend themselves (not with guns, though they would be completely in their rights to do so) simply by using water cannons to keep the terrorists at bay, I can’t help but want to get a harpoon and go all Captain Ahab.

So, between PETA, Animal Aid and Watson’s Terrorists actions I have become more supportive of hunting, youth hunting and whaling.   Good job.

PETA should rename themselves People for Eating Tasty Animals, because every time I see one of their (or the others) inane ads or hear of some hypocrisy or terroristic act, I go out and eat a steak and smile because meat is tasty.

I’ll wrap this up with part of a bit by Denis Leary entitled ‘Meat’:

I tried eating vegetarian. I feel like a wimp going into a restaurant. “What do you want to eat sir? Broccoli ” Broccoli’s a side dish, folks. Always was, always will be, ok? When they ask me what I want, I say, “What do you think I want!? This is America. I want a bowl of raw red meat right now. Forget about that. Bring me a live cow over to the table. I’ll carve off what I want and ride the rest home!”

Red meat, white meat, blue meat, meat-o-rama. You will eat it. Because not eating meat is a decision. Eating meat is an instinct! Yeah! And I know what it’s about. “I don’t want to eat the meat because I love the animals. I love the animals.” Hey, I love the animals too. I love my doggy. He’s so cute. My fluffy little dog.. He’s so cute- There’s the problem. We only want to save the cute animals, don’t we? Yeah. Why don’t we just have animal auditions. Line ’em up one by one and interview them individually. “What are you?” “I’m an otter.” “And what do you do?” “I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands.” “You’re free to go.” “And what are you?” “I’m a cow.” “Get in the truck, ok pal!” “But I’m an animal.” “You’re a baseball glove!”


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Weekend Hodgepodge – Mummies

Weekend Hodgepodge – Mummies

When I was growing up there were two distinct sects of monsters.  The old “classic” monsters who including Dracula vampires, Frankenstein monsters, Werewolves and Mummies.  These classics found their origins and mythos in oral tradition going back centuries as well as codified in literary works by Brahm Stroker and Mary Shelley.

In the past 50 years or so there has been the avant guarde of modern monsters which consist of vampires that twinkle in the sun or are more animal than man, werewolves that can control their transformation and have little to do with the moon, zombies brought on by virus instead of magic and killer cyborgs that have become more technical machine than biological abomination.

(There are also the second tier pulp fiction monsters such as the Thing from the Black Lagoon, Mr. Hyde, The Blob and the like but I’ll focus on the varsity squad)

I don’t want to delve too much into how the rules have changed for each.  What I wanted to talk about is a thought that came to my head while watching the mid season finally of The Walking Dead.

I remembered my childhood and the classic monsters.  I also remembered my childhood cereal, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Booberry, Fruity Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.  If you don’t know the last two I don’t blame you, they haven’t been on shelves in 20 and 30 years respectively.  I never even heard of Fruit Brute but its mascot was the werewolf.

Anyways, from these cereals I was thinking of the classes of monsters that have basically stood the test of time…or have they.

The latest release of the teeny bopper phenomina that is Twilight lends credence the enduring love that people have for Vampires and Werewolves.  As do shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf.

For as long as there have been people there have been ghosts…I don’t foresee that changing too much.  What goes bump in the night keeps us enthralled in the theaters as well as beside campfires.

And while Frankenstein isn’t always created by a mad scientist, how many stories are written where mans’ pursuit of decoding life has led to horror?

That leaves us with the Mummy.  (Let’s try to forget the Brandon Fraser version and stick with the classic)

Is the mummy it’s own class of monster or was the mummy only the fist zombie?   Since George Romero codified the zombie in Night of the Living Dead, the interest and popularity in the genre has been strong through today with numerous movies and shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead.

But does that usurp the Mummy’s individual status?

The rules for beating both are different, mummies must burn while zombies need severe brain trauma.

Mummies rise and seek vengeance for tripping their curse while zombies only seek out flesh and brains to eat.

They both rise from the dead but zombies seem to, as often as not, die as a result of infection whereas the mummy dies and then is spelled.

They both stagger around (i don’t buy into the ninja/superpowered zombie) and are relentless if slow.

After giving it some thought I think I will, much like scientists did with Pluto, downgrade mummy status to that of being in the Zombie class.  No one says there is a Dracula class and a vampire class.  Dracula is a vampire and so to, do I think that the Mummy is just a particular zombie in the mythos and no longer deserving of its own  class.


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Vermont bill would fine citizens for NOT having a firearm

Vermont bill would fine citizens for NOT having a firearm

Vermont Rep. Fred Maslack is proposing that the state not only register non-gun owners but also charge them for not having a gun.  Under Maslack’s proposal Vermont would become the first state to require a permit for the luxury of traipsing about unarmed and assess a fee of $500 for the privilege of not owning a gun.

This wouldn’t be the first time in America that such a law was passed.  In Kennesaw, GA, gun ownership has been mandatory since 1982 with a fine of $100 being levied for violators.  In contrast to the hysteria the gun control zealots were expounding at the time, crime was drastically lowered while the population skyrocketed.

Prior to enactment of the law, Kennesaw had a population of just 5,242 but a crime rate significantly higher (4,332 per 100,000) than the national average (3,899 per 100,000). The latest statistics available – for the year 2005 – show the rate at 2,027 per 100,000. Meanwhile, the population has skyrocketed to 28,189.

Maslack’s bill in Vermont, atop the $500 fine, would also require non gun owners to register with the state.  Under the bill, adults who choose not to own a firearm would be required to register their name, address, Social Security number, and driver’s license number with the state.

Usually, I have been against the government ruling anything has to be mandatory.  But given the fact that Obamacare not only passed but was affirmed by the Supreme Court, I guess the new law of the land allows the government to force people to buy things.  While it may not be right, as of now it is legal, so why not force people (who are not otherwise barred from owning firearms) to exercise their rights and those persons
who are “conscientiously scrupulous of bearing arms” shall be required to “pay such equivalent”?

I mean, there is no reason why gun owners should have to pay taxes to support police protection for people who choose not to protect themselves. Why not let them contribute their fair share and pay their own way. Isn’t that reasonable? Non-gun owners require more police to protect them and this fee should go to paying for their defense.

If, as a healthy person, I have to foot the bill for the chain smoking, burger inhaling, cardio hating, Fatty McFattensteins of America, why shouldn’t someone who wants to pass the responsibility of their own protection onto the cops pay for that privilege?

Do I expect this legislation in Vermont to go anywhere?  I’m not sure.  When similar bills have come up before in Vermont they haven’t gotten any traction but ever since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare who knows.

If the long lasting effect of Obamacare (besides crippling the health industry) is that mandatory gun ownership legislation sweeps the nation then I will laugh long and hard. Gotta love karma.


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Harrison fights Costas in battle of wits…Costas is defeated since he is unarmed

Harrison fights Costas in battle of wits…Costas is defeated since he is unarmed

For those of you who don’t know, James Harrison is a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have been a huge fan of his for years.  I have always been a fan of his hard play, his effort and his humble beginnings from undrafted rookie to AP Defensive Player of the Year.(the previous link has pics of Harrison getting some trigger time in)

Now I have another reason to be a fan of the Silverback.  The normally media reclusive Harrison has come out against the nonsense that Bob Costas has been spewing this passed week.  Nonsense such as telling Bill O’Reilly that he (Costas) would rather be on the floor getting executed in the Aurora, CO movie theater rather than have a gun to defend himself.

While Costas is spouting off other nonsensical anti gun propaganda about blaming inanimate objects for the criminal actions of people, James Harrison speaks from a place of intellectual authority and experience.

Being introduced to firearms at a young age by his grandfather, Harrison has been fascinated with them and has a collection that has grown to over 20 guns of varying types.  Harrison, according to racist Bob Costas, is everything that is wrong with the NFL and the “gun culture” of America.

“Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20′s and 30′s, aggressive young men subject to impulses, without something bad happening,” -Bob Costas

So, while Costas is using the traditional method of gun control zealots of fear mongering and racism to advance his radical gun control agenda, James Harrison is using common sense and intelligence.

“It’s a big issue as far as what happened and everything, it’s a sad story,” Harrison told USA TODAY Sports. “But the fact of it being part of the guns…they want to say it’s guns and all this other stuff. It’s ridiculous. He did it. And he alone is responsible for it. It has nothing to do with the guns.”

Harrison goes on to say:

“Somebody goes out and kills somebody with a knife, you going to blame the knife? Somebody goes out and kills somebody by pushing somebody in front of a train, you going to start cutting off the guy’s arms? You going to start blaming people’s arms now? It’s the person who did it who is responsible.”

Personal responsibility the America I was brought up in that was a cornerstone of what made this country so great.  Where along the line did we decide to pass the buck off and blame everyone and everything other than ourselves for our own mistakes and errors?  As Harrison says, the decision to do right and wrong rests with us, not some inanimate object that can be anything from a gun to a knife to a bat to a train.

And unlike many who feel like their status of being rich and famous should give them a right denied others Harrison expounds:

“I have my guns. I’m going to keep my guns. I’m going to use my guns responsibly and go from there. It’s not as far as athletes needing guns (for protection). It’s the right to bear firearms. You never know. You may need it for protection. A lot of people like to hunt. And so on and so forth.”

“Everybody has the right to protect themselves. Period.”

So while Bob Costas is regurgitating the talking points of his gun control extremist buddies while he himself is admittedly ignorant on the “gun culture” he attacks, Harrison speaks from the moral authority of knowing what he is talking about.

I don’t think Costas needed any help making himself look like a bigger nitwit in front of America, but if James Harrison wants to lay the boom down, James Harrison will lay down the boom.  This time he used a sound argument and Costas was leveled.


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Does tragedy actually help gun rights?

In much the same way that World War II got us out of the Depression, it is one of those things that is not wished for, yet the reality of it remains.  One should not seek out war in order to bolster a country’s economy, nor should one wish for tragedy in order to bolster their position.

But the question remains, does tragedy benefit the pro gun crowd or the gun control zealots?

If you listen to the liberal mainstream media you are inundated with the self righteous fervor of liberty hating dogma that states that “such and such tragedy” is proof that people cannot be responsible for their own well being and as such shouldn’t have the right to keep and bear arms.

When it comes down to it, that is the only argument the gun control zealots believe in, because after all, they operable word is CONTROL, not gun.  The Bloombergs and Feinsteins and Obamas of the world don’t see the issue as guns and no guns, they see it as a matter of being able to control people or having people free to resist.

Conjecture you say?  Hardly.  I can even prove it.  In 2009 there were 9,146 homicides using a firearm (this includes gangland murders).   Yet in 2009 there were 33,808 VEHICULAR DEATHS.  Nearly 4 times as many people will die in a motor vehicle than will with a gun.

Where is Bloomberg and Feinstein and the rest of the zealots when this vehicular epidemic is plaguing the nation?  Where is the Bloomberg led group, Mayor’s Against Fast Cars or Feinstein and her push for Assault Vehicle Bans…because really, who needs a car that can go faster than 55 miles per hour.

We live in a car culture and it is killing us.  To take the zealots logic, the only need you would have for a car that goes over the speed limit is to commit crimes and therefore they should be made illegal.

There are less deaths the slower people go so we should have speed limits of 5 miles per hour…unless your are a public figure or rich enough to pay your way around it.

The galling hypocrisy of these gun control proponents is sickening.

But I am getting off topic.  Does gun related tragedies help the gun control zealots?

I say thee nay.

Here’s why; Bloomberg, Obama and their ilk have done a very good job of pulling the wool over the eyes of America, making it seem like they really only want “responsible” gun laws.  If a right or two gets infringed during the process, it’s only a small price to pay…”for the children” {gag}.

But when a tragedy strikes and you get windbags like Costas and Whitlock spewing their drivel, the curtain is pulled back and people get a glimpse of the true ugly face of the gun control rabidness.

By licking their lips and salivating over what they think will finally push the scales weighing safety/servitude and risk/liberty in their favor, they reveal themselves for the megalomaniac control freaks they are.

Furthermore, since the sleeping giant that resides in the heart of true Americans (the giant being self reliance and exceptionalism) begins to stir, people are finally seeing that their arguments hold no water.

Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora etc. were gun free zones.  Microcosms of the gun control utopia where no law abiding citizen is allowed to have guns.  Of course, laws do not stop criminals and as such these gun free zones became killing fields for criminals.

And that is the argument that points to how the aforementioned regrettable tragedies bolsters the argument for the Second Amendment.  When gun control is seen in the naked light of day to be completely useless in preventing a criminal from committing a crime, the masses see that they are responsible for their own protection.  That when seconds count, police are minutes away.  That the police will arrive to arrest the criminal, not to stop the crime.

When tragedy strikes, people realize that when the moment evil is before them,  they are alone.  Either they can be an unarmed lamb waiting for slaughter, or an armed lion willing to fight tooth and nail to triumph.

Tragedy reminds us that at the moment of truth, we stand alone and our actions will determine our fate.



We need to live in a country where tragedy inducing Gun Free Zone signs are replaced by the above sign.  We are Americans, our country was born out self reliance and governance.  We would be wise as a nation to remember thus.



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Guns don’t kill people…the Brady Campaign Against Women does.

Guns don’t kill people…the Brady Campaign Against Women does.

According to Bob Costas (apparently a self appointed Svengali when it comes to guns) Javon Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive if it weren’t for guns and America’s gun culture.  As I touched on yesterday, pointing to professional wrestler Chris Benoit’s double murder suicide in which he strangled his wife, suffocated their child and hung himself with a weight machine cord, this is not a certainty.  Gruesome, deadly and not a gun in sight.

But let’s move away from Bob Costas’ ignorance and look at the many murders allowed to occur thanks to Sarah Brady and her zealous campaign against self defense.  I find it ironic that Sarah Brady holds such misogynistic views and how she condones the murder of innocent women.

Sarah Brady and her cabal of freedom hating sycophants first proposed their Bill in 1987.  It took a couple years before it passed both houses of Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton.  The Brady Bill required a 5 day waiting period before a person can purchase a handgun.

A lot can happen in 5 days or less.

Based on a Wisconsin waiting period Bonnie Elmasri is dead.

On March 5, 1991 Bonnie Elmasri called a firearms instructor, worried that her husband, who was subject to a restraining order to stay away from her, had been threatening her and her children. When she asked the instructor about getting a handgun, the instructor explained that Wisconsin has a 48-hour waiting period. Ms. Elmasri and her two children were murdered by her husband twenty-four hours later.

Brady Law’s Main Effect: More Rapes and Attacks on Women

John Lott, senior research scholar at the School of Law at Yale University furthers the point of Brady’s campaign against women.

His research on the Brady Bill found that the law’s major effect is a 3 percent jump in rapes and assaults on women, especially in states that previously had few if any restrictive gun laws.

“It makes it difficult for someone to get a gun for self-defense,” says Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime.”

Then there is Catherine Latta who refused to be a victim.  In September 1990, Catherine of Charlotte, North Carolina, went to the police to obtain permission to buy a handgun. Her ex-boyfriend had previously robbed her, assaulted her several times, and raped her The clerk at the sheriff’s office informed her the gun permit would take two to four weeks. “I told her I’d be dead by then,” Ms. Latta later recalled. That afternoon’ she went to a bad part of town, and bought an illegal $20 semiautomatic pistol on the street. Five hours later, her ex-boyfriend attacked her outside her house, and she shot him dead. The county prosecutor decided not to prosecute Ms. Latta for either the self-defense homicide, or the illegal gun.

According to the Brady Campaign, it is better that women like Bonnie and Catherine are dead and raped.  Bonnie’s situation illustrates the danger that waiting periods pose while Catherine illustrates how utterly useless they are to begin with.

Sarah Brady and her cronies would tell these women to get a restraining order…as if a piece of paper is going to stop someone who is intent on doing you harm.   So while Costas drones on about how Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra would be alive today without a gun I argue that if Kasandra had a gun she would at least have had a fighting chance.

But then again, a fighting chance isn’t what Sarah Brady or Bob Costas want women to have.  Sarah Brady said it herself:

“We must get rid of all the guns.”
Sarah Brady, speaking on behalf of Handgun Control Inc
Phil Donahue Show, September 1994

“…I don’t believe gun owners have rights.”
Sarah Brady, Chairman, Handgun Control, Incorporated, from the Hearst Newspapers Special Report, “Handguns in America” October 1997)

So she wants to get rid of all the guns.  Gun owners don’t have rights.  To her the Second Amendment is an inconvenience that needs to be subverted.

You know who needs a gun?  A woman who is scared that her violent and dangerous husband, who stands at 6 foot 2 weighing in at over 225 lbs is out to do her harm.  Because if he wants to do harm to his wife who is a foot shorter and half the weight he will do so…easily.

Sam Colt didn’t make man…but he did make them equal.  That is even more true with regards to women.

Actually, what do I know…i’m just a guy.  But I will direct you to my friend Regis Giles site where she talks about this matter from a woman’s perspective in an aptly titled article “Lethal Ladies and Dead Rapists”.

I conclusion, one of the reasons I believe in the Second Amendment because I believe in equality.

I support a woman’s right to defend herself…Sarah Brady supports forcing a woman to be a victim.

“A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders”  – Larry Elder


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When it rains blood runs in the streets?!?!

When it rains blood runs in the streets?!?!

According to Bob Costas, Jason Whitlock and other gun control zealots, all the woes and evil that exists in the world begins and ends with the gun.

First we have Jason Whitlock, who wrote an inane article blaming the “insanity” of our gun culture.  Yes, because apparently firearms all make us raving lunatics.  He writes:

Our current gun culture simply ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience-store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead.

Hey Whitlock, here’s a revelation for you, BAD THINGS HAPPEN.  They happen because life is sometimes messy and violent and dangerous.  And no amount of gun control is going to change that.  The opposite is true in fact, more gun control equals more violence.  How do I know that? Because I can look to Chicago and see blood actually running in the streets in a city with a complete ban on carrying firearms.  All gun bans do is leave the innocent as prey for the wicked.

Guess what?  Criminals do not listen, will not listen…that’s because they are CRIMINALS.

Now, during Sunday Night Football’s half time show we have Bob Costas parroting your bigotry.  He would chirp your ideas for the viewing public stating:

That is the message I wish Chiefs players, professional athletes and all of us would focus on Sunday and moving forward. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.

By all means Bob, let’s not accept that there will always be a minority who abuse something.  No, let us instead deny the MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of law abiding citizens their rights just because the media has over sensationalized a few incidents in order to pump up the ratings.  Not only is this insincere it is pathetic and disgusting.

And the conclusion that Costas and Whitlock both seem to come to, that Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend would both be alive today if their were no gun involved is spurious at best and an outright lie meant to further their gun control argument at worst.  One need look no further than professional Wrestler Chris Benoit to see how such an incident plays out when a gun is not present.  Despite what the liberal gun grabbing media would have us believe, double murder suicides can and do happen without guns.  Violence happens without guns.  The violence is in the heart not the handgun.

The truth is that no law will stop a criminal from doing a criminal act.  The sad truth is that even a good person may do something evil.  But that’s life.  We shouldn’t infringe upon the god given rights of the masses because of the failings of a minority.

Despite the best attempts of the nanny state, entitlement pushing, socialist leaning current leaders of this country, this is still America where we take responsibility for our own actions.  Pawning off Belcher’s failings on a handgun by Costas and Whitlock is craven and such attempts should be shunned.



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Monthly Meme Roundup

With December upon us, here’s a rundown of all the meme’s I have created for GOA’s facebook page for November.



I know its a fanciful painting, yet I somehow like to imagine that this is a proper representation of Teddy Roosevelt (even if the gun was after his time).





This quote by Sam Adams ties into the picture below.  Just because someone is an American doesn’t mean they will necessarily ACT like an American.  It was true even in the Revolutionary War era…it’s even more true today.





If the choice is between Freedom and Safety, I will choose freedom.  Danger is one of the prices a free man must pay.  Servants and slaves pass the buck of their own survival and security to their masters.




Yeah…I quoted myself.  :o)


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