It’s the end of the world as we know it…if gun grabbers have their way

21 Dec
It’s the end of the world as we know it…if gun grabbers have their way

Never a group to let a tragedy go to waste when they can exploit the blood of innocents for their own purposes, rabid anti gun zealots have been coming out of the woodwork recently to promote their agenda on the backs of 20 innocent children.

Firstly we will start with the President.  The President who so many have defending in regards to the Second Amendment by saying he didn’t try to pass gun control in his first term so he must be pro gun.

Oh, those naive fools.  How many times did I tell them that when a politician has to face a re-election he will LIE in order to get re-elected and if he doesn’t have another election then his true colors will show.  I detailed his statements and actions for the passed 20 years yet they only listened to his words from the last 8 months (minus that little “we need an assault weapons ban” slip in the debate).

But here we are.  Obama doesn’t have to placate anyone anymore.  He can do what he likes, and what he likes is GUN CONTROL.  Actually, considering he runs the office of President the way third world dictators run their country, it’s more that he likes CONTROL and guns are the last hurdle for him in regards to control.

Obama asked gun control supporters to help pass laws banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips and requiring background checks for all gun purchases.

Yep…he wants your guns.  If only someone had tried to tell you Obama gun owners that…hmmmm…

But its not just from the top.  Galvanized like ghouls bathed in blood, the stalwarts of gun control have oozed to the forefront of the conversation looking to push their agenda of the back of tragedy.

Dianne Feinstein has once again vowed to reintroduce a Federal Assault Wepaons Ban.  She claims its “for the children” but her insincerity is palpable seeing how CT all ready had an AWB in place and it did nothing to prevent the tragedy at Newtown. She is just a gun control hack, and now she sees an opportunity to move forward with it.

I’m not surprised by Feinstein’s actions, it’s just her modus opperandi.  What does surprise me is some of the other names who are joining the gun control hysteria.

Namely the Democratic Senators from Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Bob Casey and Joe Manchin have long espoused their pro gun stances, though when push came to shove they were never very reliable.  But at least they would give enough lip service to get the support of gun owners in their states to get elected.

But now?  Bob Casey has come out and said he will vote in favor of a federal assault weapons ban.

Joe Manchin is trying to have his cake and eat it too.  When he intially spoke out after the Newtown shooting, many took his comments as supporting gun bans.  After enough flak he “clarified” by stating he is “pushing for a discussion not a ban”.

What discussion?  We’ve been having a discussion since at least 1994.  Just because the gun control zealots don’t like the discussion because its full of facts, logic and statistics doesn’t mean we haven’t had it.  Just because gun control zealots can’t defend the fact that Gun Free Zones allow for massacres to take place, that the AWB of 1994 produced no change in crime nor did its repeal increase crime, and that the states with less laws controlling guns have a lower crime rate than oppressive states; just because the zealots don’t like the conversation doesn’t mean they are allowed to say we haven’t had it.

Unless, their idea of a “conversation” is a way to twist public sentiment with a tragedy for a complete gun ban.

But this gun ban frenzy is trickling down to the state and local level as well.

A freshman state senator from Maryland, Brian Frosh, is leading state efforts for banning guns.  Included is an assault weapons ban that would make illegal 45 guns, a handgun ban in public places, bars and places of worship and a reduction of clip sizes.

While similar measures have failed to pass before, Frosh (echoing Manchin) has said that the terms of the gun control debate has changed.

In other words, Frosh will use a isolated tragedy to push for an agenda that has failed a number of times before.  All under the auspices of “the children”

Frosh states:

“The message from the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut is clear. We must act now to protect our children, our families and our communities.”

I guess Frosh feels that by replicating the environment that caused the massacre in the first place (bans for law abiding, GFZ’s etc) that will somehow improve things.

But while one can see how a state like Maryland may get behind this, even in places like New Hampshire, the “Live Free of Die” state, has looked to curtail that freedom.

A New Hampshire House committee has voted in favor of a ban on carrying guns on the House floor, gallery and adjacent areas.

These are just the some of the actions that are getting cobbled together before the Holidays.  The worst is yet to come no doubt.  I haven’t even broached what might happen if Obama gets the chance to replace one of the Heller 5 on the Supreme Court with another two faced, lip service giving, anti gun justice like Sotomayor.

If a portion of these measures are passed, then it will be the end of the world in which there is a Constitutionally enumerated personal right to keep and bear arms.

Join us in the fight to ensure that never happens.



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8 responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it…if gun grabbers have their way

  1. Harry the Horrible

    December 21, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Read an interesting story.
    In Haiti, responding to the recent disasters (Haiti is ALWAYS a disaster…) a detachment of the US Army gathered up all the firearms in a village. They were very efficient and VERY effective. When I say “all the firearms” I mean ALL the firearms.

    But all the the firearms doesn’t mean all the weapons. The locals found themselves terrorized by young men running in gangs with machetes. The Army, which had so effectively deprived them of firearms, couldn’t be everywhere and couldn’t suppress the machete gangs.

    The local elders had to convince the Army to turn a blind eye while they re-armed with some shotguns.

    Tell me that it won’t run that way here. I dare you.

    • Rob Larsen (@RML80)

      December 22, 2012 at 7:14 pm

      Do you have a link to the story?

    • ian1775

      December 23, 2012 at 10:54 am

      I’d like a link too. I googled it with no luck so far.

  2. Jane Cash

    December 24, 2012 at 6:13 pm

    What does thou shalt not kill ( same as murder) mean.

    • spanky

      December 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm

      Shut up Jane!

    • msalzbrenner

      December 29, 2012 at 8:15 pm

      Apparently to many of the “faithful” it means you are not allowed to defend yourself against, tyranny, rape, death, torture, beatings, slavery, or any other such evil methods of abuse. After all your supposed to turn the other cheek right? If that is what your “god” requires of you to prove your loyalty to his benevolent rule. You can keep him. However it makes perfectly good sense that since you are already accustomed to sacrificing EVERYTHING YOU COULD BE AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE to your divine master, you have most likely had no problem assimilating to our new oppressive world order. Happy continued servitude to you. Live in peace with the rest of your enslaved masses. I’m sure it will prove the most beneficial choice to you all who choose it.

    • Hunter Chattin

      October 4, 2015 at 5:05 pm

      Mass Shootings are becoming more frequent. I believe we need tighter gun control laws.States with the most gun laws have the fewest gun deaths. States with stricter gun control laws have fewer deaths from gun-related violence. 25 of the 62 mass shootings in the United States since 1983 have happened since the Assault Weapons Ban was overturned in 2006. Canada (which has less gun violence and more guns) has tighter gun control laws than The United States. Australia, which also has tighter gun control laws than The Unites States, saw a significant reduction in gun-related killing sprees, homicides, and suicides upon enacting such legislation.

  3. Jeffrey Liakos

    November 6, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Is this not perfectly obvious? Gun grabbers will never get their way and they know it.


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